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Created a time lapse video of some of my work. What do you think? 

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Hope every one is having a good week so far!

Hey Friends I need your help! Im starting to design sites for photographers and models. Is there there a Gallery program where my clients could update the photos on there own? So i dont have to do it for them?

Hello All Photographers and Models. Im creating some free websites to build up my portfolio. You just need to Pay $10 a month for hosting and I only charge $5-$10 for updates. If Interested Send a link to your Gallery to and Ill create a free Mock-up of the home page for you before you decide to commit to anything. Thanks!

What Team are you voting for this Super Bowl?

Has anyone been to any good Concerts lately?

Hope every one had a amazing New years
2012 is going to be amazing!

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Still needs a lot of work. But what do you think so far?

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Hello friends Could really use your help. I entered a contest for my website so if you could plzzzzzz go here

Then enter the info on the right side. ill give you a awesome high five!
please repost thanks everyone who helps out!
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