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Learn timelapse. Proper. By +DigitalRev Marketing

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The Genie Mini has a mind of it's own +Syrp
Wishing everyone a merry xmas with this little stop motion we recently shot. The Genie Mini comes to life!

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Genie Mini video is here!
Genie Mini for smooth motion control timelapse! After 6 months of shooting on and off we're stoked to be releasing our full Genie Mini Overview video today. Watch Below! #timelapse   #motioncontroltimelapse   #syrpgenie   #syrpgeniemini   #geniemini   #gopro

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Learn everything from camera setup to post production with this guide to shooting an Astro timelapse by +Mark Gee

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Xmas is coming! Top 10 Gifts for photographers under $250.

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fabian Lackner exploring new timelapse spots.

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A few cable cam (Syrp slingshot) timelapses in our latest Behind the Scenes edit. Took us a while to compile the long-term timelapse but ended up coming out Ok.
Check out how we shot the timelapses with #syrp  gear in our latest +Air New Zealand 'The making of Winter Transition' #timelapse   #motioncontrol  +photoSentinel time-lapse equipment

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Genie Mini for motion control timelapse and video is app controlled!
Syrp App control for motion control time-lapse + Video is coming and we're excited about it! #timelapse   #motioncontrol  

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Someone from the #austinphotowalk2013  will pick themselves up a Genie.. prizes to be decided in 6 days time...
The Wolfman Violinith

From the great photowalk last night in Austin!  #AustinPhotoWalk2013  <--- Click to find other photos from the amazing event - thanks a lot for sharing - prizes to be decided in 6 days! :)

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Win yourself a Genie at SXSW!
PhotoWalk Prizes and Location Announced! See 

Over 550 people have RSVP'd... this thing is gunna bu curazy! "Google+, why you so CRAY-CRAY???"

$1000's in Prizes! 
- Really Right Stuff Tripod goodies (BH-40 LR and some LB-40s)
- Xumeadapters Prizes (
- And a ton more prizes - see the full event at 

Where:  City Hall - Gather in this Google Map location:
Route Map: 
Time: Monday, Mar 11 at 6:30 PM Austin Time

How To Win One of the Many Prizes: "Best Photos of Fellow Photowalkers!"  
Share your photos on Google+ and/or in The Photo Community with the tag #AustinPhotowalk2013 - winners will be chosen by a Team of Humans at Google and other coaches from the photowalk.

PhotoWalk Route - See Google Maps Route Walk at: 

We'll all start together at City Hall.  That's a great time to start trying to win the prizes by taking photos of fellow PhotoWalkers!  We'll then work our way up to 4th street, then 6th street and end the route inside the Hilton, where maybe one of you will buy me a drink.  We'll be taking photos of the city, the sights, and other PhotoWalkers all along the way.  The "ending" of these is always a bit strange because there is no formal gathering, but just keep taking photos until you peter out... you can drift away into the night like a firefly, then go home and get back on the sweet sweet internet with a beverage of your choice and post away.  You have a week to add photos to the event before the winners are chosen! :)  Thanks again in advance, and I think we'll have a great time together!
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