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This phone is definitely badass. Quite the worthy purchase.
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It is a nice phone. Too bad it's on the wrong carrier. 
T-Mobile is doomed, been better off to get nexus prime on Verizon 
Everyone makes such a big deal over the takeover. Apparently none of you have heard of such a thing as contract voidances; if/when T-Mobile folds, I can be free free free. Besides, if LTE needs serious power management optimizations before I take that route.
That's like saying if/when the government fails we are free and clear from paying taxes. So every week I'm paying taxes betting the government fails so I'll be free from their oppression. 
I'm willing to bet the inherent contract on which we pay taxes is more stringent than the contract I'm bound to T-Mobile with. Like I said before, people make it a bigger deal than it is. Trust me, I thought it over before signing the contract. Thanks again Warren Buffet the Economist Extraordinaire.
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