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Agatha - Image Presenter for Leap Motion - OFFICIAL VIDEO

Agatha is a new way to interact with images and photos.
It is an Image Presenter which allows the user to control and present images with simple hand gestures.

Taking advantage of the Leap Motion controller, Agatha is capable of recognizing hand gestures and finger movements in order to manage, present and display images.

Working in a 3D environment, images can be moved, arranged, rotated and zoomed, allowing a new dynamic way to manage photos and to make presentations.

What’s the purpose of Agatha?

During a presentation or a keynote, you have to prepare your slideshow properly in order to progressively focus your audience attention on your speech/product. With Agatha you can dinamically focus on a single slide, zooming on your product details, comparing photos and assembling an interface only with a swipe of your hands.

If you’re a photographer or a graphic designer, you have to deal with tons of photos and images every day and how hard and long it is to confront them. With Agatha, you’ll be able to quickly move and confront photos, all with natural hand gestures, saying goodbye to long list searching and image visualizers usable only with keyboard and mouse.

How does Agatha work?

It takes advantage of  the Leap Motion controller to track the movement of your hands, and has specific hand position/gestures that enable the application functions. We put lot of effort in developing the most natural and effective kind of interaction in order to make Agatha useful out-of-the-box.

Where can I get Agatha?

Agatha is available on Leap Motion Airspace here:

Where can I find updates on Agatha?

Official Website:
Socials of Mariux Apps:

YouTube Video: Agatha - Image Presenter for Leap Motion
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Now with Nexus 7 support!

Full re-design of performance engine! 

App size reduced to 1/3 (0.6M vs 1.9M)!!!!
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Just added Nexus 7 support, new performance engine and reduced app size!
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We are proud to announce a new app we just published on Google Play:

MyEffects - The first image editor app with unlimited effects!

There's no predefined effect, you create your own effects using your imagination and creativity!
Say goodbye to hours spent searching for the perfect effect, just a tap on your device you'll create a unique effect using our MyEffects Generator! You can Generate a random effect, each time it will create a unique effect. If you prefer, you create it your own, using our amazing Effect Editor!

For the first time, you don't have to apply pre-defined existing effects, you can create your own personal set of effects!

If you like the effect you just created, you can save it and you'll find it in your effects set. You can manage your effects, delete old effects and creat new!

With just a click you can share your edited images with your friends, using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all the other apps you have on your device!

-Unlimited effects!
-Effect Generator, create a unique effect with every click!
-Effect Editor allows you to customize your effect
-Save your own effects!
-Effects carousel
-Add/Delete effects
-Set image as Wallpaper
-Save Image
-Share image with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all the social apps on your device!
-Much more coming soon!

Soon in Google Play!

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Take a look at our latest product, myRSSReader!

If you are a blogger and want your custom Android App, myRSSReader is what you are looking for!

Contact us if you're interested!


RSS 2.0 support
Supports all the Versions of Android (Jelly Bean 4.1 supported)
Internal Database
Starred / Favourite Articles
Social Network Fast Share
Image Optimization & Cache
Keyword Search Feature
Holo Interface
Tablet Full Support
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We're working on some new projects, we can only say it's all about.. Photos!!!
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