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Galactic Ambassador - Galactic Federation of Light Teacher - Spiritual Clairvoyant - Psychic Medium - Speaker - UFO Disclosure - Humanitarian & Environmental Awareness

Sharon-Ann Riley has an innate ability to shift, assist and guide others. She left the corporate world and started her journey to discover her authentic purpose and self.

Sharon-Ann studied at a reputable spiritual house in Cape Town and became an angel therapist—a range of modalities were covered i.e. tarot, angel readings, feng shui, aminolgy (the study of angels), guided meditations, aura healing, psychic development etc. She also participated in the following courses: reiki, Pranic healing, shamanic instruction and spent some time in the mystery schools.

Over the next 8 years, Sharon-Ann offered the following practices: Psychic Readings - Psychic Medium - Cross Overs - Clairvoyance - Shamanic Instruction - Space Clearing - Aura Cleanses - Reiki - Tarot - Angel Readings - Pranic Healing - Guided Meditations - Animal Communication - Past Life Readings – Intuitive Counselling - Soul Coach – Spiritual Mediation - Paranormal Assistance and Investigations - 
Life and Soul Guidance - Spiritual Development. She met amazing clients over this period; however, Sharon-Ann knew she was destined to do something far greater.

As her spiritual gifts became stronger through life experience, Sharon-Ann came to the realization that the planet and humanity were shifting. Her spiritual team (spirit guides) at the time guided her to some information that explained the process from the Third Dimension to the Fifth Dimension; the current ascension. Sharon-Ann was told that she was here to assist with ascension both on a planetary and humanity level. 

Towards the end of 2010, Sharon-Ann connected with her new spiritual team—The Galactic Federation of Light; overseers to the ascension process, and has become a dedicated channel for the soul collective.  ( Sharon-Ann has experienced E.T. visitations and UFO encounters throughout her life. She is an incarnated Galactic Federation Ascended Master and Blue Ray Star Seed.)  

Her role as a Spiritual Leader and Galactic Ambassador is to empower others to trust their divinity, spiritual knowingness and to prepare Humanity for its galactic re-emergence.. Sharon-Ann assists the Galactic Federation and Mother Gaia with Earth Healing. Sharon-Ann and her team are guided to various places around the world and channel earth healing energy, conduct earth activations and land destressment.

Her latest mission is The Planet Therapy Project. Sharon-Ann Riley: Galactic Ambassador and team’s core purpose is to offer Galactic / Spiritual Aid, Healing, Knowledge and Empowerment to Planet Earth, the environment, wild life, Humanity, governments, Religious Leaders and Organisations dedicated to assisting the earth and its residents. The objective is to go to the frontlines where Human and Environmental aid is required; to offer healing, support, renewal of the spirit and innovative alternatives to projects and governments.

She is also currently founding the Planet Therapy Project Foundation which will support the following Humanitarian & Environmental Aid / Charity - Housing Development - Education - Conservation -Food Aid 

Sharon-Ann currently offers the following practices: Galactic Teachings - Channel for the Galactic Federation of Light and Cosmic Beings of Light - Spiritual Writer -  Earth healing and activations - Galactic Activations - Spiritual Speaker -  The Planet Therapy Project

"Inspiring Innovative Planetary Solutions, and working towards a transparent Humanity."

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