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Very nice bootstrap themes.

Does anyone else have issues enabling HDR on Google's Camera app using the latest nightly on a Nexus 5?  I'm on ElementalX 0.38. I get a "..stopped working message". Tried both ART and Davlik.

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Egypt has kicked off its bi-annual Revolution festivities with a traditional "Sacking of the President" ceremony.  Soon to follow: fireworks, a giant street party, and planning for 2015.

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It's been out for a long time, but this cover definitely needs to be heard.

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News from Venezuela!  Apparently, poverty has been cut in half, which has caused demand to outstrip production.  So now there's a shortage of basic goods, like, chicken, and... toilet paper.

But hey, 50% reduction in poverty!  Woo-hoo!

Happy Cínico de Mayo!

I'm not Mexican, but a holiday marked with their food, music and dancing is something I'm happy to adopt fake nationalism to celebrate.

Viva la revolución!

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Impressive and scary at the same time.

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Yes. YES!

George Will's second last column talks about solitary confinement but touches on an interesting statistic. The US incarcerates a massively disproportionate number of people.

I was wondering how this could be the case for a country with legally enshrined due process and generally respected cops. Americans don't seem any more prone to crime than others.

Could it be that the absence of corruption in the ranks is to blame?

It is commonly known that when visiting a developing country, one ought to keep a little cash on hand to bribe the cops. Does this law enforcement 'discretion' act as a check against unnecessary arrest? Isn't it analogous to an immediate fine?

Lets leave aside, for a moment, the obvious incentive effects.

The problem with due process is that no single participant can end it until its run its full course. Assuming that automatic arrest happens mostly when crime is obvious, it's reasonable to expect that most instances of due process end in conviction.

Would it not be preferable to attach a larger cost to initiation of the process so that law enforcement doesn't feed the beast with nonviolent petty lawbreakers?

Maybe the chance of an immediate "fine" is a more efficient deterrent... It's not like the insane level of American incarceration is a preferable outcome. 

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Possibly the most concise analogy for a common logical fallacy employed by proponents of deficit spending.

Don is uniquely good at making things easy to understand.
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