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Steve Ellwood
I work for BT, as a solution designer; I'm a home based worker, resident in Cromarty.
I work for BT, as a solution designer; I'm a home based worker, resident in Cromarty.

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If Team GB followed the approach of most organisations, then Chris Hoy would have been set a target to win gold, whilst riding a Raleigh Chopper in a borrowed PE kit. When he failed, he would have been downgraded in his performance review and new talent would have been brought in to replace him. The new recruit would be passed Chris’ bike with their name stuck over his etched-out badge. Continuous improvement? Continuous change of personnel is always more likely until businesses become more like Team GB and create systems that utilise the raw talent at their disposal.

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+George Takei  - popular on Facebook and elsewhere - is looking to see if he might have a following here. I'm following him...

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Nice wee banned blog (search for Argyll and Bute if you want more) raising money for good purposes.

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Astonishing Twitter furor over this rather silly closure; Argyll & Bute Council - hang your head in shame.

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So today +Willson Lee posted via +Richard Prins an article called “Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government (Domestic security) spying on you” – Containing hundreds of words that will attract automated system to spy on your online engagements. So the first thing that came to my mind, was “I have to publish something with all of these words in it”, Isn’t it just an Incident waiting to happen? Screening the list I noticed it’s extensively long, so I will concentrate on the first section, “ Domestic Security ”. Most of these words (Drill, Prevention, Shots fired, Facility, Organized crime, Crash, etc.) will fit a normal mystery or a thriller suspense novel, I wonder how many of those go through manual check before they thrown into the “ok bin”.

I would like to apologize to any Law enforcement person who is the First responder to this post having to go through the Torture of reading this, not my fault your automated system recognized this post as some sort of Attack or Breach. I hope that the damage to National security is not too bad, after all, I wouldn’t want to undermine the Authorities efforts and cause any Disruptions in the Mitigation of any Threat.

To all my friends, if my profile including/or this post disappear or go into Lockdown, and I am taken down by any Emergency & management response team, farewell, who knows where I might end up :/ If it ever comes to this, you may want to keep this post alive by resharing it. An explosive growth spreading like a Dirty bomb throughout G+, will sure attract some attention, it might be a good Exercise, though it’s perfectly understandable if you’re afraid the Cops will come knocking on your door, not everyone wants to mess with Homeland security and go through Evacuation from their normal day to day life.

To be honest, I don’t have the patience to weave in all these words unless writing some fictional story. I can sit down and think of some thriller concentrating on an Assassination involving Police detectives with a lot of Shooting and Deaths and add in an Hostage situation of some sort. The story may include some kind of Nuclear threat involving Terrorist Militia Gangs with Bombs, and situations requiring the DNDO (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office) involvement to perform some Disaster assistance and Disaster management caused by Riots and Looting. But I’m not going to do any of those, mainly because it’s Monday and I’m way too lazy, meaning if it’s not a State of emergency I’m not going to budge and even then, it will take a long Standoff with SWAT. So instead, I’m going to sit here and type in the remaining words: National preparedness, Domestic nuclear detection, Maritime domain awareness (MDA), National preparedness initiative, Disaster medical assistance team (DMAT), Emergency Landing, Pipe bomb.

P.s: Anyone having enough patience to read so far down, I apologize for this boring post. I hope your Recovery is swift and quick.

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Sunset over the Cromarty Firth

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Thanks, +John Tropea - shared elsewhere...
This is a really good article about "context" and UI/UX

I feel the same about generic tools like wikis the same time as my example I'd like to ask +NewsGator Technologies, Inc. a question

In a newsgator community could I have a tab called "Minutes of meeting" and when I click it, it goes to a pre-formatted wikipage to suit minutes.

There you go that was my example!

Rather than or in addition to a "wiki" tab...if that group generates a lot of "Minutes of meeting", then I think a tab to do this very thing is essential.

BUT a side question; is there something more suitable than a wiki for "Minutes of meeting". I'm talking where selected points act as a task with comments and progress and can be flicked to a bunch of people.

I suppose it's all about the type of Minutes of meeting - I'm sure a wikipage is fine for those types of minutes that are more record keeping...but often minutes are about the action list at the end. So am thinking why then do we need to create task lists when the items on the actual minutes can be that task list. #thinkingoutloud
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