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Making a difference, somehow.
Making a difference, somehow.

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Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

So the author here is a world renowned historian and boy does he have a flare for how to summarize history. You're not just getting a very well thought out and as objective as possible account of humanity, but Harari analyzes the philosophical implications of what we've done and where we might end up. A part of me wants him to expand this and make it into a full volume or something. This is an amazing work.

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Glenfiddich 15 Year Solera vat

The nose has a citrus yet bourbon thing happening here. A definite fruity sweetness comes through as well though.
Nice and creamy up front on the palate with sweetness and a very smooth follow through. Oak and pine types of woodiness are actually pretty prevalent.
The finish is on the oaky side and brings with it that slight bit of bitterness.

Overall this is a very nice malt to be savored slowly through the night. Recommend.

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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

It's very difficult to wrap my mind around why I like this book so much. It's simply written well. The characters come alive, the story seems convoluted yet real, everything is so vivid. Jane is an orphan who finds her way through love and life, learning and imparting her truth along the way. It's good stuff people. Plus you get to repeatedly read the words "What the deuce"!

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Guardian of the Farm in Campeon

Start time: 1930 End Time: 2137

Pre-Light - Not much here for me I guess. Nothing coming off the foot (‘cause it’s enclosed). Also the cold draw just seemed plain besides a salty touch. Bit of a sweet scent comes through if you sniff hard enough I guess.

Initial light up - Nice rich smoke immediately. Good blast of pepper there but more than anything just a nice rich cocoa/chocolate thing for me. Lots of smoke.

First third - Not much changed from the initial light up. There’s the richness of cocoa and chocolate but then a touch of salt kind of stays with you. The aroma is by far one of the best I’ve had so far.. Very deep, earthy and a little sweet smelling.

Second third - Much of the same but for a few tastes there is quite a bit of cinnamon note and I might even venture to say that there was some deep caramel involved. There’s also a bit coffee coming on.. The change is subtle, but there and worth it.

Last third - Much of the same as the second third, but damn, does the power ramp up.

Body - Full

Strength - Full

Construction - Excellent construction. At the beginning of the second third I did have to relight however but I’m not sure why. The thing just sort of faded away of its own accord.

Overall - A very rich and powerful cigar for those that love a bold smoke. Does not disappoint in flavor. Recommend.

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All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenting by Jennifer Senior

If you're a parent or want to be a parent or have parents..... read this book. This is not a parenting guide, but a book focused on helping us figure out how children leave an impact on parents. What a novel concept. Letting parents focus on themselves for a change. Senior intertwines her great research with examples of the child-parent relationship from select families she has interviewed and observed. Great read.

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Nat Sherman Epoca Prince

Start time: 0640 End Time: 0810

Pre-Light - Pretty sweet notes on the nose. Cold draw doesn’t have much to speak of but maybe a little wood or hay.

Initial light up - Immediate flavor is blah… like a grass type thing. Let’s see how it settles of course.

First third - Through the first third what I’m getting is mainly grasslands and woodlands. In those forests you occasionally smell a sweet flower but yeah..what I’m saying here is that it’s not all that appetizing guys. To get the good stuff you really have to concentrate. Hopefully it gets much better. A touch of wood, touch of grass, very slight hint of sweetness so far.

Second third - Adds a bit of pepper here. The underlying grass and wood is still the base of the cigar however. Every now and then I take a sip of water and get that sweetness from the smoke. This at least is pretty nice.

Last third - The cigar kind of just went out on it’s own accord…. Am I sad about this? Not really, so I decide not to relight.

Body - Medium

Strength - Mild+

Construction - Pretty good construction here. Pretty much a razor sharp burn as long as you tend to it in true cigar connoisseur fashion. Other than the cigar ending itself at the tip of the last third, no issues.

Overall - This is a mild smoke that most will be ok with in the morning especially if you’ve got one’a them super palates which enables you to get everything the maker intended out of the notes. On the other hand, you’re gonna head this if you like lots of flavor. Not sure I can recommend this because I’ve had connecticuts that do a better job. It’s not awful, but it ain’t great.
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The Snowball: Warren Buffet and the Business of Life by Alice Schroeder

Without a doubt, this is one of the most detailed biographies I have yet to read. Encased in all that detail however is a witty, yet business like writing style which seems to mirror what you've seen of Warren Buffet on television. This guy is an absolute beast and we should all endeavor to at least try and emulate some of his characteristics. The book is very long so don't try to digest it in one sitting... especially since you're reading the life story of the greatest investor the world has ever known.

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The World Market Costa Rican Tarrazu Coffee

Notes on the aroma aren't very prevalent. I can barely make anything out really. On the palate you've got a very rich and deep cocoa/chocolate. Mixed in with an earthy note it's just a nice balance. Slight bit of creaminess there so it makes you feel like there's much more chocolate note than normal.
This is just a very smooth, deep chocolatey coffee. Really like this. Can't help but recommend it.
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Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro Terra Novo

Start time: 1927 End Time: 2100

Pre-Light - Smells floral. Really sweet off the foot. Cold draw is pretty earthy though.

Initial light up - Slight pepper on the forefront of the tongue. Earthiness and not much else immediately. Let’s let it settle.

First third - So as this cigar settles from the initial light-up the pepper becomes all encompassing… but then, it slowly starts to fade. The notes on the other side are a big, robust meatiness to the smoke first and foremost. Then there’s earthy goodness and some coffee/cream-like mix of the sort. There’s also some bread notes in there. First third is a winner my friends.

Second third - Much more of the same from the first third here. The bread and meatiness works itself into a nice leather note as well. Still great.

Last third - Now is when it’s start to get earthy. This is not much different than many other cigars of this type. Gets a touch smushy but not overly so. Also having a hard time pulling so it’s time to back off a bit.

Body - Full.

Strength - Full. The strength hits you good in the beginning, calms down and then comes right back in full effect at the last third.

Construction - Great construction ALMOST all the way through for me. Not exactly a perfect burn but only required one relight.

Overall - This is a beefy, meaty cigar with lots to enjoy. Full and robust I don’t think those who love a full bodied smoke will be dissatisfied. Recommend
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