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Cole Burke
Miss Cole Burke: writer, tea drinker, fangirl and (extremely new) violinist. Swing my blog if you want to see what I'm up to ^_^
Miss Cole Burke: writer, tea drinker, fangirl and (extremely new) violinist. Swing my blog if you want to see what I'm up to ^_^

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What It's Like To Work With An Editor
One of the greatest parts of my course with Golden Egg is having an editor to work with. Emma is amazing. That gif is for her! She has the ability to analyse my story in a way I've never managed, and find the plotlines that matter out of all the clutter I...

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What Analysing Films Can Teach You About Writing Books
Studying films can teach you how to structure a narrative, how to create good characters, and how compelling plots work. Yes, you can do all of this while reading a novel, but a film is quicker to digest and reflect on. Today, I thought I'd share some links...

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Rewrite Chronicles VI - Mapping Your Manuscript (Part One)
If you follow me on Twitter , you'll have noticed that I've been posting pictures of my heavily tabbed manuscript. It's soooooo pretty! But there is a purpose to my madness. I haven't just stuck these things in for the sake of it. Each colour represents som...

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Concert Review: Kingdom Hearts World Tour
Friday night I attended the London premiere of the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour. It was everything I hoped it would be. I spent the majority of the concert with goosebumps all over me and a lump in my throat. The music was flawless. It was a fangirl'...

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Rewrite Chronicles V - Kill. Your. Darlings.
  During my recent drafting phase, I didn't merely kill my darlings. I DESTROYED everything that used to be half my second act and the entirety of my third act... so, today we're gonna talk about killing your darlings. And I don't mean getting rid of charac...

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Bitesize Reviews of Books About Writing
Recently, I've read a number of books about writing. Two were written by agents, one was written by a creative writing professor, one by a poet, one by a screenwriter, and one was On Writing by Stephen King which was definitely my favourite. If you're looki...

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I have now officially begun my Golden Egg Foundation Year and I think the most important lesson I've had so far is knowing that I can (and must) allow myself to slow down so I can develop my writing skills. For the past few years, I've hurtled through ideas...

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This Blog Is Taking An Editing Break! (Rewrite Chronicles III - OMG IT'S SPIRALLING OUT OF CONTROOOOOOL)
Why is it when I set myself a deadline for editing, huge chunks of my novel decide they want a complete rewrite? Why? Why does this happen? My advice? Don't panic. DON'T PANIC! No, really. Deep breaths. You can do this. (Hear that? I can do this!) Focus on ...

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Character Studies - John Watson and the Destruction of A Secondary Character
Please don't sacrifice good characterisation of your secondary characters for the sole purpose of making your main character appear EVEN MORE AWESOME. It's incredibly frustrating. And it only serves to make your main character less interesting. I've been st...

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Index Cards And Novel Editing - Rewrite Chronicles II
I actually managed to get a first (extremely rough) draft of the rewritten Ghost!Story done on New Year's Eve. I then went and spent the rest of the evening and the first day of 2017 in the company of dear friends, before throwing myself into FULL INDEX CAR...
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