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"Welcome To The Rabbit Hole of Multidimensional Consciousness"

Here's what you'll learn:
The hoax of self-development gurus who live off putting students into an endless loop of learning and never doing

Why changing is so difficult when it's attempted through the will of the ego, and what you've been mislead about regarding how to change naturally; without drudgery or struggle

The 2 things people who are failing to change aren't doing (being themselves and having fun =)

The one in-the-zone attitude that makes all the magic happen

“You create your own reality” myth exposed

There's no universe as you know it... You live in a multiverse.

In-depth segment about the 10-piece paradigm-shifting model that digitizes the conscious mind to be aware of the Ultimate Reality

A sharp simplified breakdown of existence, reality, and consciousness

Each dimension of existence explained, from a single point, all the way to infinity

You're a multidimensional being – What that REALLY means!

How consciousness sprang forth in the minds of non-conscious humans thousands of years ago

Why the development of consciousness brought about a paradigm of slavery, which still exists today

How consciousness on earth spread across vast geographic areas (no, it had nothing to do with E.T.'s)

A ridiculously simple model to understand what's going on in the quantum field when you hold an image in your mind long enough for it to manifest

Turn your back on the false pressure you feel to have to "create your own reality"

The 4 reasons why you DON'T get what you think about most of the time.

How you are already positioned to win no matter what

If everything that ever existed, and ever will exist, already exists in the multidimensional field, are you a “creator”, or do you simply command the particles to configure in a specific formation that adheres to the pulsation of energy you emit? The answer to this question is given.

Old models of thought obliterated so your consciousness is raised

You REALLY ARE living in a holographic rendering of existence, not unlike the operating system metaphorically illustrated in the movie The Matrix... Explore all the ways you walk through life day by day FORGETTING this fact!

Everything you experience is a “mirror” reflecting the energy you're conducting. EVERYTHING. The "world" (within the totality of your awareness) is a giant contextual mirror reflecting the entirety of your soul's content.

The ONE discipline you MUST master to eliminate all personal suffering and the one attitude that positions you to render the optimum life

A set of mind-jostling perspectives that blast you into multidimensional awareness.

How we converge and diverge in the "now" and how you're TUNING IN to the perfectly matched version of every other conscious being who “downloads” into your awareness.

The dualistic myth that there is a physical/spiritual dichotomy

People think they live in “The Matrix”... Haha! That's silly. You ARE “The Matrix”.

We're all just one consciousness peeking through 7 billion different keyholes... Will you manage to actually unlock the door in this lifetime, and win the game?

One perspective about God that will blow your mind and change how you relate to all of existence

The most elusive metaphor found in the movie “The Matrix”, which undoubtedly went completely over your head

A powerful energy clearing exercise led by Taylore and Roi from the Reiki Ranch that will leave you feeling spiritually fresh as a daisy, and clear as an azure sky of blue

How to release yourself from cyclical fourth dimensional loops by shifting your orientation with reality

A realistically clear view of the landscape containing all that is possible, and how you “call in” bits and pieces into your experience

Struggling in life? It's just a game. Understanding this really takes away all the pressure.

You don't just exist.. You're part of existence, and everything exists in perfection, at all times, through a grand karmic unity. The only thing that could improve, is your perception of reality.

Your perception - NOT the external world - is what needs to change if you wish to experience a harmonious life.
If ANY of the these points resonate with you, these videos are for you.
Go ahead and click the "Add To Cart" button to buy the videos.

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