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Stop the Pain! Fix the Founder!
Stop the Pain! Fix the Founder!


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On April 23 there will be a special edition of the Steve Lantvit Horsemanship's "Sure in the Saddle - World Challenge" show on RFDTV. It will be a 30 minute feature on The Hoof Cinch. On the show you will see Chuck Potter (inventor of The Hoof Cinch) and Dr Jan Doelle DVM, talk with Steve about the Hoof Cinch and how it is used to treat #laminitis and #founder

You will see Chuck apply the Hoof Cinch to "Fancy", a year old founder case, with 15.7 degrees of rotation in the coffin bone on the left hoof and 17.5 degrees in the right. The Hoof Cinch team had never seen the horse until the day we filmed the episode. The radiographs used were shot the day we arrived for filming. 

You will see the results a mere seven weeks later when Chuck returned for a follow up (that's Chuck and Steve in the photo).

Radiographs taken that day by a different veterinarian, not affiliated with Hoof Cinch (, reveal a stunning improvement to 2 degrees on the left and 4 degrees on the right. On the show you will hear Chuck say 6 degrees as he took a look at the graphs. However, after the shot was filmed further review pegged it more precisely. 

If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of The Hoof Cinch in treating #laminitis and #founder please make sure to tune in to Steve Lantvit "Sure in the Saddle" Show on RFD-TV Wednesday 3:30pm EST & 11:30pm EST and on RuralTV/FamilyNet Wednesday 1:00pm EST, Sat 4:30pm EST.

Thank you from all of us at Hoof Cinch
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Hello to Google +!!  We are looking forward to helping horse owners out with laminitis and founder.  Our company is founded by a practicing farrier who specializes in problem hoof cases such as laminitis and navicular.   

If you have any questions please ask the here or at our web site   #laminitis   #founder   #equinemetabolicsyndrome   #hoofcinch  
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