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Mazel tov to two of the most wonderful people I know, +Raj Hathiramani and +Aditi Gupta. Raj, you have definitely raised the bar when it comes to world-class engagement proposals.
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No longer available in U.S. as of this ^^ time-stamp :(
Start with Obama if you want to talk deadbeats.
Ref your story about Immigrants: very informative, so here is the but:
These ILLEGAL immigrants today want and get everything for free. They view America as 'you owe me'. They take the money they make here and send it back to Mexico, who, by the way, wants them to come here and send back our money. Mexico could care less about their citizens. The illegals hire lawyers here to sue America to give them rights. These lawyers should be in jail. What illegal deserves any rights, but to be thrown in jail for being a criminal. America is importing its own downfall. When my grandparents came here they were given nothing. Today these people expect it all. You know I was reading an article about a law that just passed in Maine, giving 2 years of government subsidies to immigrants. WTF? Corporations are killing this country, this country is killing itself. Any birth here becomes a citizen. How incredibly stupid is this? ONLY citizens can have legal American citizenship for kids birthed. That's what should be, but isn't. Look what the Chinese are doing. Coming here, birthing, their kids are now legal citizens, then go home. An insurance policy they say! This illegal imposition has become an illegal invasion. As long as it continues it won't be an earthquake or a tsunami that sees America go the way of the Roman Empire.
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