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Dana Greyson
Planning our sailing journey on Journey
Planning our sailing journey on Journey

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Oz - More Transitions! What Bit the Dust?
Road to Blowhole Beach, Deep Creek area, South Australia - 4 Wheel Drive only.  This is one of the reasons we sold our van and bought a 4-wheel drive to complete our circumnavigation of Oz.   How
many folks allow 3 days to sell one home, move into another m...

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Oz: Udderly Hilarious
Two cute calves at Bodalla Cheese Factory, New South Wales, Australia. Flashback -- a light moment from about a month ago on our road trip.... The beauty of a long road trip is you can stop for just about any whimsy that strikes you.  In this case we were t...

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Oz: Weirdest place I’ve ever cooked
Classic Nullarbor area road sign. We’ve seen ‘roos, and one wombat (but not in this area) but no camels (yet?!?).   Australia's Nullarbor region -- a different kind of place.  South Australia. Almost
Nullarbor. Fierce
and dusty as the winds were, the flies ...

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Oz: Agony & Ecstasy -- Australia's Not Always So Great Ocean Road
Map of Australia's iconic Great Ocean Road.  To see more about The Great Ocean Road and its landmarks click here for them from Lonely Planet's map (pictured here) .  Or read on about our travels across it.... " The  Great Ocean Road  is an  Australian Natio...

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Oz: Bye-Bye Hippie Van, Hello 4WD
Buying and selling a Western Australian registered vehicle between nomadic backpackers is a snap. Chandra, happily posing at the wheel of her new-to-her camper van, our now former '82 Toyota Hiace poptop.  Melbourne, Australia. “The first person who sees th...

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Oz: “Drop Bears”-- Fact or Fiction?
Koala - in the wild! Otway National Park on the way to Cape Otway lighthouse. Off Great Ocean Road Victoria Australia. “ Watch
out for the drop bears ,” warned Ozzies, with a wry smile. Given
the Ozzie penchant for leg pulling, I assumed they were joking, l...

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Oz: Holy S---!
Hitch-hiker discovered leaving Split Point Lighthouse, Great Ocean Road, ViIC Australia. Photo taken from inside through the window.  Can you blame me? "Holy S---!" Wayne exclaimed -- loudly -- glancing in his rear view window, as he pulled out of the Great...

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Oceana: What Ever Happened to….
Designer coffee from one of Auckland Parnell neighborhood’s weekend farmer’s market vendors with a sit-down cafe.  $4 NZD. Auckland, New Zealand.  Is there a choice? Coffee.  Just a plain, cheap, $1 cup o’ joe.   Remember when you could get a simple heavy w...

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NZ: Auckland’s Chinese Lantern Festival
Auckland's 18th annual Chinese Lantern Festival featured elaborate "lanterns!" The festival marks the close of Chinese New Year celebrations.  Auckland, New Zealand, February 12, 2017. "Fierce" armored warrior at Auckland's Chinese Lantern Festival was happ...

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Downsizing from Open Ocean > Oz Open Road
Sydney area, 1 st  load from Journey to our new-to-us van, with about 1/8 th  the storage capacity of our boat. Sydney area felt like some
crazy vortex that held us fast well beyond when we wanted and needed to move on
to explore Australia (aka Oz).   We
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