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Dana Greyson
Planning our sailing journey on Journey
Planning our sailing journey on Journey

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Oz: When Are You Done? How You Can Tell....
Check out Sarah Steenland's brilliant cruising comics at www.!  As a cruiser traveling 'round the world with her family, her perspective is not only funny, it's spot-on. We bought a boat in St. Lucia in 2012.  We sailed it halfway aro...

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Oz: Closing the Loop
Bundaberg Returned Service League (RSL).  We sailed into Australia via Bundaberg, and had our first drink in Australia there.  Thus we made a point of stopping back there when we completed our loop of this substantial continental island country. November 13...

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Oz: Road Warrior Entertainment
Well beyond Australia's usual basic cow, sheep, kangaroo, emu, wombat, and camel crossing road warning signs, this one caught our attention!  Indeed, we had to watch out far more for cows crossing the roads in our travels than any of the other animals -- in...

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Oz: Run, Skippy, Run!
Kangaroos, a mother and her joey near our camp at Deep Creek, South Australia. Kangaroos
– what could be more quintessentially Australian that this unique marsupial native?  And what could be more cool than watching them bound in the wild?  When you see th...

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Oz: Glub Glub!
Deep River Crossing lived up to its name!  This is us crossing it to reach El Questro Gorge, on the first day this year it opened.  Dicey!  No way were we opening the window to get a shot.  This was taken from inside, through our windshield.   El Questro Wi...

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Oz: Broome - Camel Rides & Other "Must-Dos"
Camel trains on Cable Beach at sunset; quintessential Broome -- at least for most tourists.  Western Australia. These days, tourism is Broome's economic lifeblood.  The tourist season really picks up with the official start of the dry season, in May.  As a ...

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Oz: Perfect Antidote to the Nullarbor - Cape Grand National Park
Clear, calm wade-able turquoise waters of Cape Le Grand National Park's Lucky Bay, about a 45 minute drive from Esperance, Western Australia.  This area is as vibrant as the Nullarbor is almost monochromatic. While most of the Lucky Bay beach is a lovely, e...

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Oz: Why Did the Emu Cross the Road?
Exmouth (Ningaloo Reef area) Western Australia; where traffic jams may be caused by emus. We
were amused watching an emu stop traffic with its leisurely stroll
across Exmouth ’s main drag. Eventually, one of the car drivers got
impatient and leaned on thei...

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Oz: Weird Animal Encounters, Part 3
at a more comfortable distance from our campsite. Leeuwin
Natl Park, Boranup campsite, Western Australia. Leeuwin Natl Park , Boranup campsite, Western Australia .  There I was, spreading out all our victuals for dinner prep, when suddenly “WWWHH...

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Oz: Badder than the Nullarbor - Mt. Ive Station
Our serendipitous stop in Iron Knob, led us to Mt. Ives Station, and we also purchased this "Made in China" boxing kangaroo pen.  South Australia, at the gateway to the Nullarbor.  I suspect this is one pen we will not lose. We were almost upon the Nullarbo...
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