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**Blue Lagoon with galaxies overhead**
Welcome back to Turtle Island!
As they say in Fiji, "Bula :-)"
Welcome and hello to a view of the stars, Milky Way, and Magellanid Galaxy in the Southern Hemisphere.

You are looking at Turtle Island's Blue Lagoon. Come on in, the water's warm. Thunderstorms move through and recycle the day's air making everything fresh and new. As the storms passes, stars emerge through the clouds eager to shine. The warm waters of the Blue Lagoon remain still as they reflect the beauty of the night sky with envy.

In the shadowed darkness, fish noisily jump up and out of the water chasing or being chased. A warm, gentle breeze occasionally stirs up, rustling the palm leaves above and behind. In the air, the sweet smell of Hibiscus blossoms cover everything.

It's 3am, the island's few inhabitants are asleep, and will be for a few more hours. On a small, isolated island far off in the South Pacific Ocean- the Blue Lagoon is yours.

I am tentatively trying out the new +500px "Market" feature by making this image available as a full, HD downloadable desktop image.
Here, it's 800px long, for $2.99 you can download a full 1920x1080 version to make a full screen desktop background with. If interested, follow the link here:
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A stunning image & I hope that you sell a few images
shrugging +Neil Howard we'll see how it goes. 500px has been a thought through service so far, so I'm trying out this new "Store" thing
Amazing image!!
I'm learning how to do it by myself, and I don't get how it is that the stars on the sky are sharp but the reflex on the watter show trails. Is it a single shot or the sky is the stack of several shots?

Good luck with 500px market!
falling over on the floor with amazement and delight!!!!!!! good work Ben
Mary C.
Whoa... just... whoa! •_•
Awesome! Luv the star reflections you caught.
This shot is awesome enough, that I'm going to comment on it in through both Facebook and Google+. Awesome work, +Ben Canales. Always inspiring stuff
Ben, you are magician with a camera at night....
Beautiful! I love the sky and awesome reflection! It's gorgeous!
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