YES! Finally! The timelapse video I've been obsessing over is finally finished! "Finding Oregon" is shot entirely in Oregon and features my favorite starry night timelapse shots we've done this year. I ask a simple favor, give it a watch :-) This is my blood, sweat and tears of 2011.
Let me know what you think!

If you're curious about how it was done or what it takes, you can find an informative Q/A and behind the scenes pics over here:

On a different note, my apologies to my absence here on G+. It's been a nutso month online. Gmail was hacked, G+ account deleted, my photography hard drive crashed, and then I've been obsessively working on this video in between working hours. It's had the combining effect to make me withdraw and protectively focus on the tasks at hand. Now that this is finished, I will be painstakingly be re-circling all you awesome people out there and getting back up on the G+ horse.
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