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YES! Finally! The timelapse video I've been obsessing over is finally finished! "Finding Oregon" is shot entirely in Oregon and features my favorite starry night timelapse shots we've done this year. I ask a simple favor, give it a watch :-) This is my blood, sweat and tears of 2011.
Let me know what you think!

If you're curious about how it was done or what it takes, you can find an informative Q/A and behind the scenes pics over here:

On a different note, my apologies to my absence here on G+. It's been a nutso month online. Gmail was hacked, G+ account deleted, my photography hard drive crashed, and then I've been obsessively working on this video in between working hours. It's had the combining effect to make me withdraw and protectively focus on the tasks at hand. Now that this is finished, I will be painstakingly be re-circling all you awesome people out there and getting back up on the G+ horse.
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Chris H
This is the result of a year well spent, kudos.
Dang man!! This is inspiring, incredible, amazing and overall the most stunning time lapse video i have ever seen!!
Meg L
Beautifully made and very humbling to watch.
+Ben Canales Very well done! Am I right in interpreting the long tails behind the stars as being shooting stars or meteors?
Absolutely amazing +Ben Canales! I enjoyed that very much. Sorry to hear about your month but this is quite the way to come back!
This is incredible! There's got to be somewhere to put it in for an award. Thanks for creating and sharing it.
Wow! Wow! Wow! This is just amazing. There are so many images that would stand alone as stills, but to put them in here just makes a remarkable piece of artwork. I wish I could pick out a favorite "scene", but they are all great. I did enjoy going up the tree though.

Oh, did I mention Wow!?
Hang on, how did you get trails on stars that are longer than the distance they've moved in a frame? (1:16). Can you share?
Gorgeous, inspiring, amazing, fabulous work. You Sir, lead an exciting life. Thanks for being out there capturing the beauty of the wold just so we could enjoy it. Outstanding!
Speed ramping is something not often seen in timelapse. I am envious of your locations - I'm just starting out, finding spots in southeastern South Dakota. Your behind the scenes info is really great, I will have these tabs open for quite a while I think. Well done, all around.
Beautiful! And the dramatic music was perfect.
Wow! Do you need someone to carry anything for you next year?
Wonderful job Ben. Glad you took the time out to wow us!
That looks like soooo much work, man!
Fantastic watch!
Great effort.....WONDERFUL vid.

keep it up!
This is great Ben, fantastic work!
fantastic work. thank you for sharing this.
Thank you everyone! Hearing all this awesome feedback is incredible :-) I've been so buried in the editing and re-edits, that I wasn't really sure how it would all go over- thank you for the kind words and taking the time to share your reaction!
Holy crap Ben! This is some of the best I've seen! Incredibly inspiring work!
nice job +Ben Canales the imagery is stunning ! Did I notice a solar prominence on the sun at 1:51 to 1:54 ? Very cool ! :)
Ben Very nice and inspiring timelapse video.
I am new to the Pacific Northwest. Finding Oregon is truly inspirational.
Great stuff, Ben.
Very cool, Ben. Some pretty interesting and original clips!
most excellent ...*thumbsup*
WOW +Ben Canales! All the long hours and hard work paid off.! Love the shots with the star trails. Looks like slow moving rain. Great job.
Absolutely Epic! Any chance of a few production details? What kind of rails did you use?
Just wonderful! Thanks for sharing this. Loved the trails on the stars especially. Just beautiful. +Ben Canales - hope you are now getting your +mentions.
Standing Ovation... great work.. Big Thanks
Jay Seo
Just awesome!! I've shared this post with my circles. Thanks for sharing~♥
Breathtaking images, one complaint, isn't long enough!
Stunning work. You did me the favor by posting. Thank You for sharing!
Incredible! Spectacular! Breath taking! I'm already in love with Oregon and I've never even been. Hats off!
Very nice. Recognized Thielsen from the PCT right off the bat.
awesome...breathtakingly beautiful....I've never been to Oregon so thanks for sharing its beauty....also love the music you used....again thanks for sharing Oregon beauty
This is awesome, in Google earth you can spin the earth around, but being on the earth and seeing the world revolve around you is even crazier!!
Stellar! Love, love, love it. I agree with everyone who said that this is awesome and inspiring! Thanks for making my day!
WOW absolutely wonderful! 1:05 gave me chills...outstanding coordination with the soundtrack...
This is what is so great about Google+ - you meet the people who make stuff. Stuff of this quality. Stuff everyone else freaks out about and passes around. Dude - you're done. You don't have to do anything else in life to be proud! lol Awesome!
+Ezio CERRATO spamming on a such beautiful post is like swearing in a church...please, remove your comment..
Amazing. Makes me want to visit Oregon. Thank you!
I have lived in the Pacific NW my entire life and this video makes me so proud of that! Beautiful work!
That is awesome Ben! And not just the photography - the choice of music complements the visual side perfectly. (Also, sorry to hear about your computing dramas of late. Hope things quickly get back on track for you.)
...there are no words. I stumbled across this in "What's hot on Google+" and am totally floored. Ben, I don't know you from a "Hole In The Ground" (been there!), but thank you for sharing this obvious labor of love with the G+ community.
what happened at 3:08? Interesting ....movement to right of peak.
Ben, Uda Man!! Thanks - you made my whole week already
That just gave me the chills. Fantastic. It cost a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, I'm sure, but you have a thing of exquisite beauty that will never fade. Thank you for sharing it with the world.
Ben you just made the world come alive.. graceful & beautiful.
So beautiful! What a gift for us all!! Thank you for your hard work and for sharing.
Probably one of the best timelapse videos I've seen in ages!! Thanks for sharing.
Whoa, this is really really good. Speechless man.
Nice piece of work! Not an easy thing to pull off well like you did.
Amazing particular the movement of the galaxy against a stationary foreground was almost "chillingly" beautiful, and lonely. Definitely worthy of sharing.
Amazing work, beautifully captured the essence of nature!!!
I've lived in Oregon for 35+ years and that video reminded me why I'll never leave. Great work. Thank you for sharing it.
Beautiful video. Definitely makes me want to explore this state a lot more.
Stunning. I have never been to Oregon (barely get out of the east coast), but this video makes me want to go more than any brochure or web site. Well done.
Excellent work and stunningly vivid. A masterpiece!
Most amazing thing for me was putting into perspective this giant rock we live on, just spinning its way through our lives and space. Amazing piece, and well worth the effort.
Breathtaking...(taps you on back)
My mom's friend lives in Oregon and she says it's all rain and depression...This video makes me think that she might have lied. :D
The best part must have been the journey to make this. Very nice!
+Havilah R Most of the time, it's not much more than a soft mist you can hardly see. Some people like only sunshine, and have a hard time with the clouds in winter, but it's rarely below freezing and the sky brings something new almost every day. That rain is was makes us so green. :)
why are you comming up on my profile, please stop, thanks, a spamed google plus user.
P.S. I think I have checked my settings to block people.
you're timelapse is inspiring... love your star trails :)
Mother nature at her finest and sometimes most haunting. Excellent work Ben. If it were an ad for Oregon David Ogilvy would give it an A++. Cheers!
Wow!! amazing... This is so nicely done... Felt a touch of magical inspiration! Thanks for sharing the video.
Well Done. Great transitions and the clarity is awesome.
Spectacular and subtle. Actually, awesome!
Ok +Ben Canales! Man you nailed this! gorgeous from start to finish and a double rainbow?! Awesome man! Congrats!
So sorry I am just now seeing this. All I can say is "WOW" great video. Thanks for sharing. How long did it take to gather all that footage?
Wow...Thanks for sharing. It was beautiful!
stunning.i just kept imagining playing skyrim as i watched.such is the direction and the power of the backdrops.leaves me feeling like i experienced it personally.especially with the natural sounds like the wolves and wind.and the slight twist of camera direction during transitions makes everthing pop out in a natural way.better than 3d imovery involving.
WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!! thank you for sharing an excellent work....
Ben, amazing video, technically and thematically! One point of criticism, though (based on personal taste): the music is too loud and the athmo sounds are too faint. I would have done it vice versa because it adds to the drama and would be the icing on the cake. As said before: just my personal taste - you guys did a great job!
Excellent. I imagine you had to make so many decisions on how you were going to make this look, work, etc. I just want to say that I'm glad you decided to put your tent in so many of the shots. Adds something to it. Can't put my finger on it, but I really like it. Great work.
This defines why I love living in Oregon!
EXHILARATING!!! Great work. Made me feel like I was back in the planetarium again.
ahhhh oregon. i love my home state. she has never looked so beautiful as in this video. i knew most of the locations even! crater lake is so gorgeous!
Excellent...! you should get an Oscar for this....
At first I thought, "guy got a grant to go camping and take pictures." Then I realized it was time well spent. Glad you are sharing this with the world.
Very nice..unique! Thank you for the creation
Brilliant... great work ! Kudos to you
Excellent work!!!, Edition, pictures, music.........Well done!!!
Absolutely freakin' mind-blowingly phenomenal, Ben!
Thank you for posting! I will share it!
Really beautiful photography and music. How much compositing work did you do -- or is this pure time-lapse?
Fantastic work! Great job. You blood sweat and tears paid off!
This is by far the most amazing piece of work I have ever seen. fantastic job!
fantastic job. technically very well done and in such a fabulous set of locations. brilliant. Look forward to your next one!
Truly amazing! I've stood in alot of those spots but your timelapse work takes those beautiful sights to a new level.
I don't know how to put to words the emotions created by this video... thank you for showing the natural beauty in the world for what it truly is - breathtaking beyond comprehension.
Holy ridiculous epicness man!!!! Way to pour your passion into a project dude!!! My favorite ones are the trails that look like they are shooting stars. Don't have any idea how you accomplished that...

Music was perfect choice.
You made me more proud to be an Oregonian
made me tear up. i felt so compelled to the video. breathtaking views and timelapses...nice job. that tough month paid off a years worth of work
What would we see if only we had the patience and stamina of God to be still and observe?

Your time lapse photography gives us a mere glimpse into the awesomeness He has seen in His creation over the infinite opposing timelines of eternity…THANK YOU!

I offer a standing ovation.
wow, the words amazing...breathtaking...and monumental don't really convey how freaking cool your film is....very well done sir.
as everybody has been saying amazing work. I wonder how you did the panning shots in these time lapse video. Did you have some contraption the camera sits on that would move at an incredibly slow rate?
hit the spots... many... beautiful ones... Thank you!
Beautiful. I've never been to Oregon, and this makes me want to go...with a HEAVY coat.
Amazing work - very beautifully done. Thanks for sharing this.
awesome it a lot..n the soundtrack was very cool
Absolutely surreal, makes me want to go backpacking up there.
excellent - I miss the mountains!
Loved every second of it, well worth your blood sweat and tears, hopefully not too many tears, thanks for sharing see you on face book for sure :)
Awesome, thanks for sharing!
Absolutely breathtaking.. Great work!!!! and thanks for sharing it :) xx
its very beautiful video........awesome!!!!!!
Ditto to all the positive comments here. I, too, felt uplifted by the video. It made my day. Ben - you are a true artist. The work you put into this is very evident. By the way, I loved the music - please thank the composer and player(s) for doing a great job, too. Seeing this video makes me grateful for the beautiful planet on which we live - let's please care for it and love it as we would our child, pet, family - your video is truly a prayer to our beautiful world. THANKS BEN!!!
Excellent "Period", words can no longer describe how it is, must watch video. Wonderful effort.
"Finding Oregon in an MSR Tent"... adds some color though but dont like the up close showing the logo.. feel like I might be watching a MSR ad. But nice video, beautiful images
Very nice. I also thought that the music was very fitting. :)
Truly beautiful. Congratulations.
this is so beutifulllllllllllllllllllllllllllll............<3
That's by far the best CGI I've seen on a screen this year. Only without CGI. Is that an UFO at 3:08?
this is beautiful journy of nature's emotion.
Amazing video ... captures the beauty of our planet so crisply.
My god... that's one of the most amazing videos I've ever seen. Truly incredible. =D
Marvelous!! Out of d world xperience. Thnxxxx dear 4 such a wndrful feeling
Amazing video. Thanks for all the hard work you put in to capture such stunning footage.
Brilliant dude! Dont stop making the soul food!
Results are very good when Blood, Sweat & Struggle collides. Don't need to ask other when did a good job.
Thank u for showing a osam Vid..
Totally awesome! I am speechless with its beauty..
Simply Great . Thank you very much for confirming my faith that Heaven is where we live in. Have we given anything back to Mother Nature other than slow poisoning her. Time is fast running out, let us save her from the clutches of evil men. This video has once again forced me to seek inwards, within ourselves to know what God is all about.
God Bless your hard labor, this is a great and well done example of Gods beauty. It really is above great work, keep it up and remember the one who made it all to be able to look at :)
Thanks and God Bless you and your Family.
Ben, thank you for a fantabulous show.
Very cool. Love the smooth panning time lapse.
Awesome! Brilliant! Thanks to share ur art with us.
I haven't seen any better. That is awesome I admire your tenacity and talent it putting together this piece of work. Superbly done.
Absolutely Beautiful.!! Shows hw amazing nature is..!!
Ada M
This is the most beautiful video I have seen in a very very long time. It is a gorgeous dream! Thank you.
I hope you are getting notifications now. The video was superb. Having lived in the PNW for many decades, I have never seen anything like it. Good to have you back.
Thank you for posting; your hard work and creativity has paid off. You've produced a fantastic film for us all to enjoy.
Beautiful - a year well spent. Congratulations
Great work in capturing the beauty!
Thank you for sharing it...
Abu S
Excellent 101/100 I can watch it over and over again, very relaxing, Thankyou, (I recommend it to use as a therapy for anyone stressed or even to be played in a doctors surgery reception)
Job well done! It's beautiful!
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It's incredible... I don't know what to say!! Great job!! And always thank you for sharing!
That is great..... just so very...very.... beautiful, very relaxing, Thanks
Beautiful. incredible work. I especially liked how you sometimes changed the speed of the movements.There is a sunrise that starts slow and speed up and you use different speeds on different scenes matching to the music. i also loved that you used stars movements and star trails in the same video... and catching that rainbow was something else. The tent and the scenes at the camp make it more human and real. You should feel proud of the results. the effort is amazing Keep sharing! One thing you might try to add on another video are the footprints until they disappear. (although I am a beach person and this happens relatively quickly on a windy day, but it might have taken one year where you are. LOL) Amazing work!
wow. if my brain and my ability to express total awe come back into alignment after that I will try to do better, but for
Awesome work! I've never seen a time lapse with long exposure images. The way you faded from stars as little specks of light to star trails is fantastic.
I love these things. This is great. Very talented and keep them coming. I always think the right music adds another dimension to timelapse videos and this one has the right music.

Top effort.
love the video but why cant it stay focused on the one scene instead of all over the place
absolutely beautiful work. the scenes are so beautiful. I love the nightime shots .. great job..
truly amazing. Please may i ask what the piece of music is called?
The best 4 minutes of my day without a doubt. Truly stunning. Great work.
Congratulations on a truly stunning video.
Ben this is a Masterpiece in every aspect!! You've chosen the right music. It gives the vid an extra dimension. Conclusion: to beautiful not to share!
Beautiful!! What was the music? It was breathtaking without it, but the music makes it all the more incredible!
Very cool. Takes more patience than I have I'm sure to put that together.
This is awesome. Thank you for showing us parts of our state we might not other wise see and in doing in such an awesome way... think awesome might begin to descibe your work. Thanks
Amazing! Very beautiful! Thanks!
Ben to be honest I dont think there is a single word left to describe the beauty you have created in this production, everyone on this post has eloquently stated what this truly is, True Masterpiece.
WOW!! stunningly amazing :)
Awesome time lapse Ben! Congrats!!
Love it!! Oregon is so beautiful...
Awesome! I could not stop watching. Thank you for sharing!

Note: Always have backups of your media folder on an external usb-harddrive, and... if you are really paranoid ... Take it home (out of office) just in case someone breaks into your office to steal hardware. ;)
Beautiful work! I never knew Oregon had such diverse terrain. Thanks so very much for sharing, Ben.
real masterpiece it must take a lot a discipline to create.loved it also like the music
This keeps our faith in imagination alive..Imagine that something like this is even possible to capture, which words can't even describe. Keep inspiring us with your art..Kudos !!
Beautiful video, lovely music, great combination. Stunning!!!!
Fantastic work, one of the most beautiful things I have seen
This work is inspiring ... a year well spent. It makes me want to leave beautiful Nova Scotia and come explore Oregon.
WOW, again..Fantastic..reminiscent of BARAKA..a great effort and a great result..Kudos!!
Just want to add my voice to the hundreds before me and say what a truly amazing piece of work you have put together here. If I could produce just 5 seconds of the quality you have created, I would die a happy man.
wonder of nature i like the nature man
This is fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing!
Absolutely beautiful, thank you for capturing such beauty and dedicating your time to this. Also, does anyone know the song in the video?
Finally, something worthy in the "What's Hot" section.
Congratulations! I can tell that a project like this is not whipped off over the weekend but becomes and all consuming endeavor - job very well done, one to be proud of.
Georgeous Footage. Well Done!
Holy smokes +Ben Canales , that was just... simply stunning, I got goosebumps just from watching. Thanks for making and sharing this!
Beautiful and amazing. Thank you for all the hard work and for sharing this magnificent piece. :-)
That was a real masterpiece of art...I mean it! welldone boy!!! whish I could say something more that it! ;)
this blew me away,stunning i can see where the blood sweat and tears went into making this epic piece of deserves an award!...
Amazing work. Time lapse video takes a lot of time and dedication and your video shows it. How did you manage to show the motion of the streaking stars and the water fall to be still? I loved Mount Hood and the clouds below. Where was the video shot of the dried up lake bed? Really great stuff! Thank you for sharing.
Very Impressive I am Astound&Amazed And I must say that i am a Bit Curious of how the Nature of it was Captured.
Absolutely spectacular! Incredible work +Ben Canales ! I hope to see you around town someday to tell you in person.
Very nicely done! Thanks.
Unbelievably spectacular. Will watch many more times. Thanks so much for sharing.
Beautiful. Oregon is almost as pretty as California. :-) Your work is amazing!
WOW! Great work man!

Overall rating
sal g
Just Love Oregon. The Best State Ever , In My Book !
This is pretty awesome. Nice work. The only thing is I feel like I was seeing similar shots over and over again. I feel like it could be cut down.
WHOA! You guys LOVE this thing!!
I... I can't express how much these comments and reactions mean :-)
Damn, there's been so many all night editing pushes to keep making it as good as I could, now hearing your reactions... wow everyone- thank you! I'm so happy to hear you enjoy it :-)
Stunning work really... I am amazed at how much time u spent in creating this piece of art. really amazing.
Fantastic stuff man. Thanks for sharing...
Amazing work Ben. It was very humbling to watch. Time worth spent on this.
That is amazing! It makes me feel better about living in oregon :)
Few will ever have a year so well spent.
this is incredible... any plans for a 2012 project?
Yeah, this was pretty cool. Thanks for posting it. You did a huge amount of work to put all this together. Good job.

Were any of the mountain shots looking down from atop Hood??
BEN!!! You're alive!!! This is amazing beyond words my friend. Every little detail is just exquisite!!
Being an Oregon native - this video is absolutely amazing! Job well done. I love it.
Time lapse is almost always amazing, although the music isn't really necessary as the images speak for themselves.
Ben, this is absolutely riveting! Breathtaking, jawdropping, mindblowing, painstakingly pieced together to a work of true beauty! Thank you so much for sharing!
Awesome. I can only begin to imagine the hours, days, and months that went into this. Very well done. Thank you.
What beautiful, inspiring and amazing scenes. Thx for sharing!
Ben, phenomenal work! Loved the flow of the whole production. I was particularly intrigued by the lapsed star trails in a couple segments, especially because you were able to preserve the leading bright points of the stars. Is there a quick explanation how you did that?
Excellent! Found it very relaxing. Consider stretching time to an hour and selling as a relaxation CD. Awesome!!
Loved this and shared it with the rest of my family...I was born in Ontario and have lived all over the state and we are now spread all over the is a beautiful piece of work!
Outstanting production! Interesting to see some of the "pre-production" scenes throughout the TL video.
OMG brought me tears actually. Fantastic work....really awesome!
Tuan Le
Congrats on completing this monumental task Ben. The result is awesome and inspiring!
Wow! My home state in all her glory. This is a gorgeous video. Thanks for sharing it with us!
Nice to see Oregon being show cased on Bad Astronomy. Yes! Great job on the video! Way Cool!
Outstanding work Ben! I just have to share it with others, I can't keep myself!
The greatest video I've seen yet of night sky time lapse.

Amazing work, can't wait to see what else you have in store for G+
This is VERY well done!! Amazing how the images and music really come to life to create such a moving experience. I'm so happy to get to live in such a beautiful and diverse state - this inspires me to want to explore it more fully. Thank you!!
Hey +Ben Canales , just saw this featured on KGW's 10 o'clock news on ch. 32. Congrats.
What a wonderful experience to see that! wow! Good work , guys.
No wonder you get all those +1's and reshares! It's an amazing timelapse!!! Congratulations to a beautiful piece of art!!
It's awesome, the soundtrack and the nature sounds are briliant! I don't like only the star trails... in my opinion they just didn't compatible with a timelapse video.
Breathtakingly beautiful doesn't do it justice.
Incredible. Thank you for this brilliant masterpiece!
Amazing work! You should be quite proud, all that blood, sweat and tears invested sure paid off, BIG TIME!
wow... that made me tear up. It is INCREDIBLY beautiful and moving. Thank YOU for your blood sweat and tears +Ben Canales you captured so much variety and beauty. Fantastic and so INSPIRING!
Fantastic! From my several trips around the state, I think you did indeed find Oregon. Gonna share with my brother (who lives there, and has taken me on all those trips) over on FB. He'll love it.
So gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
Hi Ben, thank you for this great art work. FANTASTIC! It covers so much the spirit and nature of the state. This must have been a tremendous effort to get all the images at the right time. I will show it to all my friends and family especially on Christmas. Thank you.
I am in love with Oregon since I first lived 2 years in Portland as an exchange student Some 20 years ago. Just visited magic Crater Lake two years ago and will come back soon.
Such a beautiful work! And what a dedication! All the comments and shares are more than well deserved. It's a fabulous universe you share with us Ben! Stunning and very impressive indeed.
Thanks so much for this. I was born in Oregon and that is where my heart is even though I haven't lived there in years. You have given me a bit of joy that makes me look forward to getting back there sooner rather than later.
Wow! Just amazing! I love Oregon, and you have captured it just...amazingly! Nice job.
BEN!! This blew my mind, absolutely stunning!! You all have done a great job. Keep up the great work inspiring everyone and sharing Oregon with us all.
I've seen many time lapses, but yours - well, I'm almost speechless. This is the most beautiful, creative, moving, story-telling piece I've seen, and you should be very proud, all of you involved. I'm going to share this too, especially with my relatives in Oregon, but with many others. Very, very well done!!!!
Goosebumps!! Totally amazing, almost unreal and fantastic music selection. I hope to see more in the future!
Unreal seriously unreal. The total presentation is astounding great, fantastic use of the media, music and final production....Words are so weak in describing how moving the whole presentaiton is! Well DONE!
Very nice. You don't see TL crane moves often. Or what looks like one. Did you tilt-elevate your slider?
This is fantastic. I love the night sky views, especially with the galaxy and the waterfall. Thanks so much.
Truly Amazing.. What a masterful piece of work, you must be so proud. Words cannot do justice to the work you have produced. If I could pick one word though it would be EPIC!
I just came back a 2nd time to say how much I love this Ben. You guys did an amazing job. One of my favorites of all time. I've shared it with family and friends. All have loved it so major kudos to you and your team mates. Full of awesome
Just dropping by after seeing this film on +Karen Tate post. Just visually stunning to the max. Well done, sir.
I am in a fit of playing catch up, but I am beyond stoked to check this out asap! Major congrats and major congrats on the response as well!
Inspiring work. Beautifully captured and edited.
This is truly amazing.  Wonderful photograhy, editting, and music.  Thank you so much!
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