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Ben Canales

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Here in Oregon we had a rare spring giant swell come through. Check out these 20ft+ waves slamming into the coast in 240 frames per second slow motion :-) 
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Nice +Ben Canales it was very nice to watch the power of the ocean!
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Get out and see some Perseids, ya'll! 

Awesome Perseids Meteor viewing writeup by +Philip Plait
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Ben Canales

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Big pano from Friday night's visit to Lost Lake. 
It was a magical hour of clear skies and no wind. 
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Ben Canales

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Beautiful overlook above Bishop, CA. Anyone been up here? It was a little white knuckle crawling up the steep dirt road in the dark! This is from my +Land Rover USA trip a couple months back. 
One thing I love to do is get out of town and find a spot away from the lights to look up at the stars. It was cool being up here for a couple hours looking down on the small car lights moving around. I get a real peace in these places. 

Anyone notice photo comments are being streamed through the Gmail interface? Wow! I LOVE this feature. +Google+ Photos  comments are so much easier to reply and interact with. Good job to the team coming up with these innovations and work throughs. 

Alright- happy friday everyone! 
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Ben Canales

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Alright G+, you get first eyes on this crazy piece! I've got one more to process.
The lines in the sky and on the truck are star trails passing in the sky and reflecting off the Land Rover :-) A little different take on the normal star trail style. 
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Ben Canales

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Ladies and Gentlemen- now for something COMPLETELY different... 
VIDEO of the night sky! Super excited to share what I've been working on the last couple of months.
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dobre to było !
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Ben Canales

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Ironically, I'd like to celebrate the coming of the summer with a winter-y reminder of why it's special. This shot is from February, deep in winter, where going out shooting stars meant frosty, frozen landscapes and 5 layers of insulated puffy pants, jackets and gloves. 

I encourage you all to get out under a summer, starry night and take in the beauty of the expansive sky. Bring a friend, that special someone, a blanket and a bottle of wine or a couple beers. Take in the endless stretch of the world beyond our "jar" rim. Make wishes on shooting stars, talk big talk and challenge your current limits, stand up and spin in circles till you are dizzy and the stars are a whirling blur. Be young! Go nuts. Be silly. And if you so feel inclined- take the biggest breath you can and then let it out in the loudest yell you can manage. Blast an echoing You past satellites and out into the twinkling Possibility. 

Happy Solstice everyone! 
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Ben Canales

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If you're online and looking for something different and interesting- I'm going to be part of a live I'm not sure what else to call it. I'm one guest of five, including a comedian, musician, blogger, crafty person and something else. It should be very interesting. 
Starting at 7pm PT, go to this link:
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all pic very great
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Ben Canales

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Damnit. It never fails. EVERY time I wonder "should I go out to shoot stars" and I do go- I end up not regretting it. This should be good news- I know. But, it's difficult some days to get the gumption or inspiration to go out and shoot. Part of me just wants to get a good night's sleep and enjoy a normal weekend; but the other part knows there's a chance of the clouds opening up and stars coming out- so, I should go. 
So, I went. And I'm glad I did. It was beautiful. Mt Hood, reflected in Lost Lake. Stars and Milky Way shrouding the entire scene. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. 

Alright folks, Happy Monday. 
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Wow, I was simply overwhelmed when I saw Mt Hood in daylight over the lake. This night shot is beyond words.
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Ben Canales

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Alot has changed since I initially joined G+, but I'm excited to see all these changes as vibrant and thoughtful to make the community richer. Here's one of those such changes- +Google+ Photos. Follow along for some great posts and insight into online photographers. 

Cheers and clear skies, friends. 
Welcome to the new Google+ Photos page!

The photo community here on Google+ keeps inspiring us every day. Your passion for sharing beautiful photography drives us to keep thinking of new ways to make your images shine. This doesn’t just mean building new features you can use to share and discuss those important photos in your life -- we also want to help this vibrant community of Google+ photographers grow. 

So, say hello to the new Google+ Photos page! Here’s what you can expect:

You’ll get inspired. We’ll share beautiful and thought-provoking photographs, and shine a spotlight on the photographers who created them. 

You’ll meet great new people. Through Google+ Photographer Spotlights, the Google+ Photos Chat Series, and good-natured conversations within the community, you’ll be able to connect with people around the world who love photos as much as you do. 

You’ll learn new things. You’ll regularly see posts with helpful tutorials, educational videos, and relevant industry news.

Together we can do things that are amazing, ambitious, and really, really fun. If there’s more you want to see from this page, please let us know!

Image courtesy of +Trey Ratcliff 

#GooglePlusPhotos   #GooglePlusUpdate  
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your thoughts is mind blowing  
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Hello, my name is Ben Canales and I am a star fanatic. My passion is taking pictures of beautiful night landscapes and stars and bringing them back to you. I love what I do, and do what I love. I am originally from New Jersey, and moved to Oregon in 2008. I have been shooting stars ever since.

I'm a timelapse photographer at Uncage the Soul Video Productions based out of Portland, Or.

For more star laced photography:

For mindblowing timelapse videos visit:
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