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2013 AWT Kai Katchadourian entertaining commentary
Getting ready for the 2014 Maui contest!  Below are some funny comments Kai made during the Aloha contest last year. Heats Josh Kiddie Rig 1  to 16:53 Josh kiddie Rig 2  to 1:03:18 Final Glowing eyes to 3:27:30 Chewbaca Taka  to 3:30:12 Bernd goes down  to ...

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Maui weather links
If you are headed to Maui, here are some weathers links Pacific sat animation NOAA chart NOAA map NOAA discussion NOAA sat infrared image NOAA sat visible image NOAA sat page NOAA sat index iW Global Kanaha iW Global Hookipa MSW Hookipa MSW Pavillions Swell...

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Punta San Carlos Wave Clinic with Wyatt Miller Oct 18-25
HEY! Is anyone interested in doing the Wyatt Miller Wave Clinic October 18-25? I need one more person to do a Sunday to Sunday trip to share the cost of San Diego to PSC flight. Recent pics show how good it is this time of year!! Clinic details Makani Fins ...

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Cheese roll gif
The cheese roll

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Backloop help needed: low backloops?
These backloops are low enough to look easy. Anyone have advice? Original videos from

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Forward loop: help please!
Anyone want to talk me through this loop? Note that wind is from right to left, W wind at Doug's. I am getting hammered on my attempts.  Forward loop at Doug's

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Tack and Sail upwind
Tack and sail upwind ***Click settings to get best video quality

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Sink the Rail: upwind aggressively
Non-planing technique for going upwind. Works on any board size, great to know on low wind days or east wind days in the gorge. ***Click on settings to get best video quality

The Wall
Good times!

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Skills: Power Jibe, step by step
Below is an example of a Power Jibe.
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