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American B-52's Arrive In Norway

It has never happened before.

To finish off the Norwegian Mafia State?

A lot will happen this weekend.

The Norwegians cannot be liberated without military help from the US.

A US occupation might be the best solution.

The Americans are about to adopt the KGB operational principle in action. Namely killing friends to enhance themselves and friends.

My estimate is that finishing off about 50 000 traitors in the Russian-controlled Dual State of Norway would be a good beginning. And an excellent example for the rest of the West.

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Political Shockwaves in Norway

In Norway, a team of 9 assassins from the death squad that conducted the massacre on kids and youths on Utøya on July 22, 2011, is in prison.

That's for sure.

Interpreting raw intelligence and secret sources are often hard.

However, as far as I am informed, NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg is going to be arrested for espionage and conspiracy on behalf of the Soviet Union and Russia.

Probably today or tomorrow.

Three more prominent agents of the Russian SVR and FSB will be apprehended as well.

One of them is prime minister Erna Solberg.

Another is the leader of the Labour Party and former Secretary of State, Jonas Gahr Støre.

The fourth Russian top agent is probably Siv Jensen, the current Minister of Finance.

She has given away the largest fund of the world, the Norwegian oil fund, to the KGB. More than 1000 billion Dollars are lost. Forever. To the Russian Mafia.

Similar top apprehensions will be conducted in three other Western countries, in France, Germany, and possibly the UK.

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Coming Home

The US is coming home.

Steadily day by day and rolling in from the deep despite its National traitors and Russian puppets of Washington, DC.

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A Kind Of Schindler's List From the Israelis

Tel Aviv, 23 May 2017.

Donald Trump has been in town, and Israeli media tell that it has been most pomp and nothing else.

That's not true.

Trump can cover up a lot.

For instance, the assassination attempt on January 20 on him and Vice President Mike Spence by the CIA, the Clintons, and Barack Obama.

However, the list of murders in the US by the Russian-managed Norwegian Death Squad that he got in Israel is harder to cover up.

It's even worse than the famous Schindler's list.

If Donald Trump tries to cover up again, he would be complicit in dereliction of duty and many more crimes, and he surely will go to hell with the Clintons and Barack Obama. The company that he keeps.

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A Horrible Crime Against Muslims of the World

I feel at home in Israel because I have been close to extermination several times. Like the Jews.

I feel the same psychological bonds to the Muslims in many ways.

Whenever I go to Egypt, for instance, I'm welcomed and protected.

The Egyptians know me.

Holocaust was a great crime.

However, what the Kremlin and its Dual States of the West have done to 1,6 billion peaceful Muslims over the last decades is even worse in many ways.

The KGB and Western puppets have been using them as false flags for years on end, waging war on them and killing them en masse on false premises to enhance smartly and indirectly a masked Russian hegemony over the West, fooling everybody by employing the smart techniques of deception that were developed under Lenin and Stalin.

It's a heinous crime against innocent and good people.

No doubt, it's the biggest crime against humanity in our time.

If you had been young, a Muslim, and exposed to something similar, you would have ended up as an extremist as well.

That's the logic of war.

There's no other outcome.

The West has to face the truth.

The Western leaders and in reality puppets of the Kremlin due to the structure of the states cannot keep on killing Muslims to mask reality and deceiving their populations forever.

By endless series of false flag operations.

In which the Kremlin-controlled dual states bolster themselves indirectly by at first killing own people and after that Muslims abroad to cover-up and whitewashing the crime and keep real mafia structures of power masked and enhanced, fooling the world.

Like 9/11.

It's a vicious circle.

This Stalinist crime of the century has to be stopped.

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Look to Spectacular And Beautiful Norway

Norwegians are Vikings.

We are going to show the world how to treat traitors.

And get rid of the Russian Mafia that controls our politicians and killing our kids to enhance itself indirectly.

We'll kill them all. No mercy.

The same should the British people do after the attack in Manchester.

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President Vladimir Putin Enhances His Grip On the UK

The terror and latest deception operation in the UK are conducted to save and enhance the Prime Minister and the Dual Mafia State of Great Britain. And the Russian-controlled European Union.

The aim is always achieved indirectly in such false flag operations. Just ask NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg. Who did the same in a false flag operation that was launched on July 22., 2011.

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The KGB Terror Continues

The Kremlin doesn't want to give up the secret control over Great Britain. Or any other place.

Hence, another terror attack and deception operation has been launched to save National puppets and old masked hegemony indirectly.

The operational principle of the KGB is always the same.

You are killing your friends to enhance yourself and friends. In false flag operations.

The real aim is achieved indirectly.

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The Washington Criminal Mess

“People do not realize how enormous this whole situation actually is.”

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The KGB Indirect

"Often nicknamed the Clinton News Network or the CIA News Network, CNN has often been accused of pushing certain agendas and manipulating public opinion."
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