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Counterfeit - KGB's Old Art

Counterfeit, definition: an imitation intended to be passed off fraudulently or deceptively as genuine; forgery.

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The Coming Big Bang in the USA

Barack Obama, Hillary, and Bill Clinton are far more than spies.

They are long-serving Russian puppets in a Dual State, getting instructions from the Kremlin regarding what to do within Russia's Grand Strategy.

You'll get a Big Bang in the US which is going to overshadow many Big Bangs in Europe.

The Americans must change mindset completely and stop believing in deadly illusions about their nation. They have to get out of the current box.

The basic presumptions of the Western mindset are wrong.

A consequence of the Kremlin's smart and diabolic deception techniques during a hundred years is that the truth is the opposite of what the world is tricked to believe.

At all levels. From micro to macro.

I know. Because I was the first analyzer in the world to identify them.

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Fraudulent System of Justice in Norway

Q: Who is the Norwegian Attorney General?

A: His name is Tor-Aksel Busch.

He has been deceiving Norwegians for long, not least over the last five years after the bloody terror attack on 22 July 2011.

He is a Freemason, of course.

To Tor-Aksel Busch, the law is a weapon against political enemies of the Kremlin's fronts of families in the Capital, and it's a weapon to defend these families, come hell and high water.

These days there are both hell and high water in Norway.

The whole justice system is rigged against the population.

It's a permanent system of treason that is ingrained in the Russian-originated Dual State for generations.

The system of structural treason has been in place since before WWII.

Joseph Stalin doubled the Norwegian state from the shadows in the 30's, and he thus created the secret and fraudulent scheme for indirectly rule over the Norwegians.

In happened more or less in the same manner as elsewhere in the world in this period.

You'll find the same communist procedures in every country in which Joseph Stalin doubled the state, and hence, in reality, stole it from the native population. In deep secret.

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The Covert Mafia Scheme in the War in Libya

In reality, President Barack Obama and a handful of other Western leaders achieved strategic objectives indirectly on behalf of the Kremlin in the war over Libya six years ago.

You'll find this hidden orchestration of the war by conducting a closer investigation into the events, thus unmasking the reality behind.

Through the warfare in Libya, the US and some European States destroyed Libya.

They blew up the Libyan dam which so far had hampered and stopped the Africans' more or less free access to the European mainland.

The further consequence of the war became a suppression of the European people using Julius Caesar's old arrangement for divide and rule.

Six years later, Libya is the country of the absolute nightmare to both children and adults.

The Libyan People's lives are turned into a hell. And so are the consequences for the European populations.

Just ask German females.

How was the hoax made regarding Libya?

Firstly, an illusion was fabricated, as in many other similar schemes and secondly, the real crime was committed by those who had prefabricated the illusion.

That's the KGB way of doing things.

The relationship between aggressor and victim is structurally turned on its head, thus progressively enforcing an illusion using the real consequences when more and more people are fooled and forced into action on false premises.

Hence, you make a snowball effect of complicity.

That's how you cunningly make Cosa Nostra - "Our Cause."

In the masked Mafia States of the East and West.

This crime against humanity which was conducted under the disguise of protecting the people of Libya has no responsible politician and other complicators been punished for yet. Neither in Norway nor any other of the masked Russian dual and vassal states in the West.

The war was clearly illegal, and it has indirectly made havoc in Europe.

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The Killing of Olof Palme - the Prime Minister of Sweden

As in America in 1963 and 1974, the Kremlin, simply put, changed puppet in a masked vassal state when killing Olof Palme in 1986 in a deception operation.

That was the real aim, according to my findings.

The objective was achieved indirectly.

The secret Masters of the West, KGB, took out an intelligent person who was number 1 in a brutal and mirrored double crossing.

That was done to indirectly put in place a less reasonable person number 2 on the top of the Dual State. As Prime Minister of Sweden.

Regarding Olof Palme, someone brought him to the correct place for execution by a death squadron, probably without knowing what were to happen.

The Russian-controlled Dual States are like George Orwell's "Animal Farm."

However, George Orwell was wrong about Joseph Stalin's and later Russian leaders' role on the farms.

The puppet master in Moscow were not pigs. Not the pig Napoleon, as Orwell described.

Not at all.

They have been from Lenin and Stalin and to the present Capo di tutti capi Vladimir Putin, the farmer in person.

They behave like God, deciding which politicians to cultivate and live on, and which ones that have to die.

Besides, Jesus is not the ideal in a communist scheme; Judas Iscariot is.

If you want to understand the complexity concerning the assassination of Olof Palme and the cover-up for many years, you will get a pretty good idea about the dramatic events in Sweden, watching this video about the sheep "Judas" from Ålesund in Norway in 1987.

"Judas" was for long used to lead his comrades to slaughter.

That's how the real Animal Farm works.

I know.*282850

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Barack Obama, the Mole

As I have told before, the FBI has caught former President Barack Obama after the failed coup and assassination attempt against President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence after the inauguration on January 20.

As far as I am informed, the interrogations of Barack Obama since then has disclosed that he has been a Russian mole all the years at the White House.

Barack Obama has been singing for a while, but not in jail, as I told immediately after the coup attempt, due to misunderstanding my sources within the Intelligence Community in the currently murky political situation in the U.S.

The former President Barack Obama is still under house arrest.

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French Terror Attacks Are also False Flag Operations as in Norway

The assassins in Russia's death squadron in Norway have now been apprehended, despite fierce resistance from the Government in Oslo which keeps on fabricating more lies and charades against its people and the world.

The naked truth about the terror attack in Norway 7/22/2011 will come into daylight. Plus many other high profile assassinations, most of them in continental Europe and America.

Norwegians have been living many lies. So have many other people of the Western world.

You'll find the same story as in Norway in many smart terror attacks in the world over the years, in which the real objective has been cunningly masked by false flags, and where the goal has been achieved indirectly.

This procedure in many creative variants is a hallmark of Russian deception operations to bolster the Kremlin' secret hegemony and the dual states that are established to maintain the clandestine rule from the East.

The terror attacks in France during the last years in which Islamists and the IS have been used as false flags are based on the same Russian scheme as in Norway. And the terror has had the same indirect objective and similar creative masking, always irrelevant to the real aim of the deception operations.

Covering up the real aim is a standard follow up, as you have been witnessing in Norway for more than five years after the terror attack.

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The Germans Under a Secret Russian thumb

In 1990, more than 80 million Germans firmly believed that their nation had become free and independent again after the West and the East Germany came together.

They were all fooled as a part of a global and strategic deception operation to enhance the Kremlin's secret power over the Western world.

The reunification of Germany took place on the ruined DDR's premises, and not on those of West-Germany, which only got the big bill.

The Kremlin's deception techniques in consequences turn all relations upside down, thus tricking people into believing the opposite of the truth.

The procedures of the Kremlin's secret services belong to professional magicians.

Hence, nothing is what it appears to be.

To suppress and split the German population, Angela Merkel from East-Germany has imported millions of young and combat readily Muslims during the last years. Under the mask of helping refugees.

Moving masses of foreign people of incompatible values and heritage into a Western country, is in reality, an old stratagem to strengthen hegemony indirectly from the days of Joseph Stalin.

People of the Baltic states know everything about this Russian trick in grand scale. At least the older generations in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, where Stalin moved millions of Russians into after incorporating them in the Soviet Union after WWII.

The invasion of foreigners, mostly from other areas than the war-ridden Syria, has the aim to keep Germany as a binary and dual state under secret Russian control and rule from the shadows.

An official document states:

"Mass migration is fast-tracking the rise of Islam in Germany, as evidenced by the proliferation of no-go zones, Sharia courts, polygamy, child marriages and honor violence.

Mass migration has also been responsible for the social chaos, including jihadist attacks, a migrant rape epidemic, a public health crisis, rising crime and a rush by German citizens to purchase weapons for self-defense — and even to abandon Germany altogether."

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Norway: A Dual Mafia State in a Mask of Human Rights

To a professional analyzer, identifying the processes that make realities continually is crucial.

I spent six years of research into the Kremlin's most secret methods before a breakthrough.

In 2002, I got my Eureka moment and was from then on able to roll up what had happened in my country, Norway, and in other nations in which Stalin had doubled the state and stolen it from the native population.

I found that very cleverly done communist deception had been the main engine for developments internationally, from micro to macro.

It still is.

Regarding Norway, I can give a summary of the situation:
Norway has been under masked Russian hegemony since 1935.

In 1939 and 1940, Joseph Stalin's NKVD even staged a smart coup d'état to finally settle the Kremlin's power over Norway, employing the Labour Party and the Freemasonry in the coup.

Some months after the final coup in January 1940, the Kremlin's puppets helped Stalin in a stratagem, in which he lured his friend Adolph Hitler to invade and occupy Norway.

Joseph Stalin's puppets in Oslo let the country be completely open military for the Germans on April 9, 1940.

Berlin was able to invade and conquer Norway employing only 8 800 troops, in the beginning.

It was an achievement that would have been impossible without help from Stalin's enforced puppet regime in Oslo which had no legal fundament to govern but had stolen the power after illegally canceled an election to the National Assembly in 1939.

Stalin loved strategic tricks from medieval times when parking own territory with a friend or a potential enemy for a while, was common among cunning kings.

Joseph Stalin and friends did the same with all of the Western countries that Hitler was deceived and helped to invade, using the German national socialists to do the hard work for him. Also in France.

Hence, parking Norway with Hitler was a cleverly conducted maneuver in the Kremlin's Grand Strategy.

From June 1940, Stalin parked his Norwegian puppet Government in London, using them to take control over the huge Norwegian merchant fleet and as planned before the war, employing this fleet to ship equipment from the US to the Soviet Union in the years to come.

After the German defeat in 1945, Joseph Stalin's secret services staged several charades in Oslo in which Moscow changed puppets and reinforced its secret hegemony, continuing to build the secret and totalitarian dual state which still is the fundament for the masked Russian control over the country, 77 years after the coup in January 1940.

Enhancing the old structures of power was the real objective of the false flag operation which started with the killing of 77 people on July 22, 2011.

Since then mafia lawyers have been spinning deception on the bodies to lure the Norwegians into massively supporting the old system of state structure with current national leaders under secret Russian control and rule from the shadows.

The Kremlin's mafia lawyers that rigged the terror attack in Norway have employed the same techniques that I identified as early as in 2002.

A part of the terror attack was to assassinate me, but I also survived this mortal attempt after more than a year in a hospital.

A dual state means execution out of courts by poison or other means.

It means regularly staged terror attacks and massacres to maintain indirectly support of the dual system on false premises to the population.

To conclude, a Russian Mafia State has got the power and elections are only masquerading the real criminal power over the state below the surface.

The underground Russian control isn't only a phenomenon in Norway, but also a circumstance of the Western World and beyond.

With Barack Obama as a loyal puppet in the USA for eight years, president Vladimir Putin and his secret services have been busy doubling states wherever there's been possible to exploit such vulnerabilities, for instance in Africa.

A dual state means that National Assemblies and Governments are transformed into fronts.

Democracy is mostly a mask.

Such a dual system of the state requires a particular sort of human beings as Prime Ministers.

A precondition is that they obey to the Kremlin's mafia lawyers in the capitals and that they are hypocrites by nature.

A good example is the former Prime Minster of Norway, Kjell Magne Bondevik.

Mr. Bondevik claims to be a Christian and a Human rights defender, and the other day he attacked the Donald Trump administration for neglecting basic human rights regarding Muslim immigration.

American authorities had then stopped him for an hour after arriving Washington, D.C.

Norwegian politicians keep on holding their facade.

To the bitter end.

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President Vladimir Putin Cultivates Intelligence at Home and Stupidity out of Russia - Soviet Style

Why did Joseph Stalin kill 22 000 Polish intellectuals after the occupation of half of Poland in the spring of 1940?

Because he wanted to get rid of people with high IQ and people that were able to think independently.

You'll find the same modus operandi today, although it's in a more sophisticated version.

President Vladimir Putin promotes brightness within his own ranks and the opposite in his dual states in the West.

That's a part of how he controls and takes care of the dual political system that Joseph Stalin created.

The French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn is known for his razorblade brain, but we all have our weak parts, and the KGB knows everything about them.

So getting rid of an independent thinker is not hard in countries in which the Kremlin is the real master.

In this indirect way, you are clearing the road for more stupid politicians and are bringing them to the top of the pyramid of power in masked vassal states.

I have been into several honey traps; also a similar trap as Dominique Strauss-Kahn was captured in May 2011. In New York City.

He was at the time a front-runner for the French presidency.
The difference was that I didn't stay in Barack Obama's America.

I met the fake and willing woman in Spain in 2003, and the Spanish secret services understood the game and didn't play along with the KGB.

The advice of mine to the French people is to take better care of the intelligentsia if they want to regain independence from the smart and secret Russian hegemony from the shadows.

I have studied French in Paris. Twenty years ago, I spoke and wrote the French language at a pre-advanced level.
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