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Ugh. Not only does the USA think it owns the internet, but a private company WITHIN the USA thinks it owns the internet. I wonder if it's possible to drag the execs of Verizon round the NMM in Bradford and shove their faces repeatedly into each exhibit in the history of the internet room till they get it?
Verizon makes its arguments against the FCC's net neutrality rules -- and they are fraught with danger. 

Verizon sees the net as its newspaper and believes it has First Amendment rights to control what goes on the net. This is why +Doc Searls has taught me that it is dangerous to see the net as a medium. No, the net is a network and Verizon only offers access to it. 

But there's the next argument: Verizon says the net is its private property and so it makes a Fifth Amendment claim that imposing restrictions on its ability to impose restrictions on the net is like confiscating property without compensation. 

Danger, danger! 

[Added later:]

The First Amendment argument is absurd on its face. Does Verizon really want to be responsible for everything distributed on the net, including libel, theft, and other illegal behavior? I doubt it. Verizon is no publisher. 

The Fifth Amendment argument is a corner we've painted ourselves into by finding ourself dependent on a public good privately owned. But just as we make restrictions on private property -- I can't build a gas station on my house; I have to give access to public utility workers -- so must we here. 

We need a SOPA/PIPA/ACTA-level fight for net neutrality, for not allowing Verizon et al to mess with the net. We need a principle: First, do no harm. You might want to at least start here, by signing the Declaration of Internet Freedom. 

See: My post on a Hippocratic Oath for the net: And the Declaration of Internet Freedom:
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Wait! What?! Are you implying we don't own the internet?
The NMM has a history of the Internet room? Boy it's changed since I studied there. To be fair, that was nearly gulp 20 years ago...
Yup. Linky:

It also has a games lounge with legacy gaming machines in, from a pub table with frogger through a speccy with manic miner to street fighter II arcade

But my favourite bit is still TV Heaven. I like to go and pet the dalek. And there's a sweet guy called Matthew working there who is almost as big a Who geek as me.
Egads. My final year project was to do a CD-ROM interactive catalogue for TV Heaven. With voiceovers from Stephen Fry.

I had the co-operation of the Museum bosses, and then with six weeks to go they withdrew co-operation and all AV material because they'd stumbled across my 1995/6 webpage on the University of Bradford servers, which (like most homepages back then) had some Doctor Who/Star Trek logos, and they said I didn't respect copyright.

Which of course then meant I had free rein to decide on the programmes I featured in my CD-ROM catalogue.

I hope Matthew hasnt been there for 20 years. That WILL make me feel incredibly old.
Matthew looked to be younger than me, and he'd made his own t-shirt for the FFW with Pertwee's face on it, so I suspect the NMM attitude to fair use has evolved somewhat.
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