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10 Offbeat Bruce Springsteen Cover Songs
In honor of Bruce Springsteen's new memoir, Born to Run, here are some of the more unusual, offbeat, unknown and in some cases wildly great cover versions of the Boss's catalog. I've deliberately avoided obvious choices like Patti Smith's "Because the Night...

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There Once Was a Union Maid, She Never Was Afraid: Songs About Labor
Just a reminder that the 40 hour work week, 9-5 hours and vacations did not come about via the big-hearted benevolence of rich, powerful CEOs, but from the blood, sweat, and anguish of our grandparents and their parents.

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Let's Get Back to Work: Alternate Mixes
A new track, courtesy of the producer wizardry of David McKittrick . I'll let him explain what's going on: I dropped a few coins on some new plug-ins for
Cubase—a suite of plug-ins, each specific to a particular instrument or
to vocals. Nice tools and the...

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5 Just Plain Awful Songs By Some of My Favorite Performers
This is a fun post for me, but it may not be for you if you like (or love) any of these songs. Keep in mind however that I am including performers who I love with all my heart because of all the great songs they did produce, and not because I revel in their...

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THE MATTERMORES: The End of Racism!
Dad Mattermore has a dream.

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Learn what it takes to be a driver who matters with Dad Mattermore at the wheel!

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I Go to Sleep: Songs of Slumber
Last night I asked my ever-ready Facebook friends to throw me some songs about sleep, and they came through as always (boy, did they ever). First though, a few they somehow missed: 1) "I Go to Sleep", Pretenders Chrissie and co. released two versions of thi...

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But That's All in the Movies, It Won't Happen to You: Films Based on Songs
Lots of movies and songs share the same name, mostly because the latter was written purposely for the former. Movies that are based on songs are a rarer breed, and run the gamut from exploitive to silly to art-house serious. Herewith are some of the best (a...

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The epic encounter they said couldn't be done! (Or shouldn't be done, either way...)
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