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How to make your room Kawaii ♡ (tips and tricks!)
My mom said that I had to clean my room from head to toe. My mom made me spend 45 minutes just picking up change from the ground in there. OTL After roughing it and dumping half of my things, I noticed that my room is actually a bit.. plain. How can I live ...

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Kawaii clothing finds on..Amazon?? (PLUS SIZES TOO!)
Kawaii clothing finds on... AMAZON????   Yes, believe it or not, Amazon does have a lot of quality items and stores.  It generally takes a while to dig through a few of the flops before getting something nice.  And yes, they have larger size. Im JUST as sur...

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Bobon21: Lets find Clothing similar!
Im pouting so much right now. I haven't wrote a post in so long!  I started eleventh grade a few days ago and we're being swamped with work already! ack ack!!    With the work and the social situations, im always tired. I often nap for 9 hours after and wak...

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Plus sized Kawaii clothing post: Why Spreepicky is heaven!
Oh gosh!! I havent posted in monthes!   Hi again everyone!~ Autumn is moving in and that means new clothes! So I got online and started searching until I came upon a store that many of you might already know about,     Spreepicky is a super cute online shop...

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Liz Lisa Staff snaps! / Cute spring outfit inspo from trendy girls!!
Hi guys!! Ahh spring is wonderful. The apple tree in my yard is blooming and it looks like heaven. the tulips are coming up, and a nursery is actually opening like right behind my house.  Its a really pretty time! However, I went a little overboard with buy...

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H&M's Kawaii collection! (review?)
I was waiting for it guys. We were ALL waiting for it. H&M released a cute themed collection!!! Im so happy!  The collection seems to have pieces that would work with a variety of styles, which is great!  But, will it cross the line of being almost too ster...

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Plus Size kawaii Clothes Masterpost
So, Im a bit of a pudgey girl. Im a size Medium Large in pants, but my boobs make me a size large to extra large in shirts. Im anywhere from a size 11-13, but with larger breasts. - _ -   I made this list for the slightly larger girls that would like to wea...

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Dressing kawaii in the winter months! (The basics)
Ah, its winter. The snow flakes, the hot cocoa... school delays..   Winter is one of my favorite seasons!  Everyone is cozy and warm and the scenery is like something out of a children's book.  As much as I love winter, My usual style doesnt get along with ...

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Review: Mizon Refresh Time Green Tea Peeling Gel♡
Hey everyone! I decided to move a blog post I already did on my older blog to here, since the product itself was a real hit~ I originally reviewed this in march of 2014. Hi
everyone! For My first blog post, Im going to be reviewing a neat product that I

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Review: Simple foaming Cleanser ♡
Hi everyone! for my first blog post, I decided to review a product that I just picked up from the store yesterday. Its a foaming cleanser from the brand Simple. ^ _ ^ About Simple Skincare And its importance to sensitive skin Simple, advertizes themselves a...
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