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Sounds right to me

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#F1 Lewis Hamilton will on Friday bring to an end one of the most controversial and long-running transfer sagas in Formula One history by announcing that he is leaving McLaren, the team he has been with over half his life, for rivals Mercedes in a three-year deal which could be worth as much as $100million (£61.6million).

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May not be a bad move!

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The city’s fertility rate of 1.2 children per woman is too low, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Lee Kuan Yew’s elder son, said last month.

“We are in a particularly perilous position,” said the elder Lee, referring to the country’s population. “If we are not taking in migrants, immigrants, from China and from the region, we will be a diminishing and aging population.”

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As a one of the comments says so well;

Taking advice from Gordon Brown about Economics is like taking advice from King Herod on childcare.

An economy built on rising house prices, immigrant labour and public spending, not to mention the genius of raiding the (once was) best private pension system in Europe and selling off ALL our gold and buying Euros.

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Malaysia 2011
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