How would you reimagine TV News?
+Jeff Jarvis is looking for your answers.  
I'll bite. Redefine the news anchor to be a news buoy who floats on multiple platforms during a 'broadcast' not just TV. Use group video chat as a back channel and a front channel.  Make the news buoy wear an ear piece so they can actually listen to their viewers/colleagues and get real time information/correction/feedback. Human media > text based social media. Redefine the 30 second spot.  "Uncle Walter" needs to be redefined and ambidextrous. One hand =independent journalists.  Other hand =traditional journalists. Hangouts On Air are bringing both of these hands together in a face to face virtual handshake with developers and it's exciting to think about what kind of Journalism Renaissance this real time collaboration could foster. HOA are enabling everyone (in most countries) to have their own free "TV station" with a built in satellite truck in the middle of a crowd sourcing tool. Could group video chat and the ability to broadcast in a social stream be Murrow's _new_"wires and lights in a box?" 

This face to face human media is enabling people from different countries to share on a deeper level and we as newsrooms should pay close attention to the spread of this international pixie dust. 

"If you stay in your room all day you'll never meet anyone and never know whom you've missed.  It's Tinker Bell in reverse: Each time you don't share, a relationship loses its wings.  That is a tangible loss."
--Jeff Jarvis/Public Parts

I often wonder how many more lost relationships it will take for us TV types to  realize we need to be more transparent...warts and all. 
Ode to Peter Pan, we may never grow up....
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