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Ayrfield, BSR, CCC, FanTek, FBA, LCoA, Ludus, SCA, TCEP, W&L, W&M

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It may be that finally signing up for Pokémon GO right before several days of rain could have been a mistake. OTOH, it may be that having several days to grow accustomed to the interface and research Pokémon (since I never did that either while or after Teh Abominable Child was small) might not be entirely a bad thing. On the gripping hand, I will probably spend the time catching up on sleep and playing FoolCraft.

#latetotheparty #gamifiedexercise

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Thinking of +Shinae Choi Robinson​ while wishing I'd asked for extra cilantro and onions, and being too cowardly to try some bible tripe in with the round and fat brisket.

The broth is very rich and good here, and I was happy that the dipping sauce with the spring rolls was not as sickly sweet as it usually is in this area. Huzzah for being treated to dinner brunch out! :9

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This is so very cool!

h/t the person who shared privately

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I went to Micro Center with Teh Abominable Child today, and we noticed this place while we were deciding where to go for breakfast lunch dinner. They unlocked the door while we were drooling over the menu in the window, so we decided to try them out.

We were not disappointed. Teh Abominable Child is already planning for a return trip.

The staff are friendly and helpful (which is a Very Good Thing for someone who has never experienced assembling shabu-shabu before), and the food is very good quality. There are plenty of various vegetables for the soup, plus some tofu, udon, and rice noodles, and there are several options for how much and which meat you get (including beef, chicken, pork, salmon, combos, and none). You can choose to have a chicken broth base, among other flavors including miso, but the default is kombu, so I think it's probably even #vegan-friendly.

I was very surprised that the place was so empty, so I'm guessing it opened pretty recently. Although it's a little pricier than I personally would be happy doing on a regular basis, it is not inappropriately priced for either the area or for what it is.

Like fondue and Korean bbq, this is a good choice for a fun date, or when you want to be involved in preparing your food. Conversely, if you're looking for a break from cooking, this is not the place to treat yourself to dinner out.

#Fairfax #NoVa #ShabuShabu

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Well, that took a turn I didn't expect! ;D
I approve 👍

I like the way that this person thinks.

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I have read about firefighters using oxygen masks on pets before, but I am thrilled that someone went the extra mile and designed some specifically for pets!

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*happily trades in abs for kebabs* ;9

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If you haven't seen it yet (I know I've plugged it here more than once), Flowers of Luna is a sweet f/f romance in a fascinating SF setting which stops tastefully on the not-pr0n side of the scale, and is well worth the read even if you don't fancy f/f matches yourself.

I don't write reviews well, but here's a good and thoughtful one:

The only reason I haven't already jumped at this chance is that I promptly purchased the ebook when it came out (so I'd prefer the prizes to go to people who haven't already discovered Jenny), and I've also reached that point in life where you try to remove physical objects from your house in preference to adding more. I may yet break down and do it anyway, though.
Today's the day!

What day, you ask?

The day the Goodreads giveaway actually opens! To celebrate my birthday on 5 September, I'm going to be giving away five signed paperback copies of Flowers of Luna! Want one? Get in there and click!

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In exchange for free ebooks, I get signed up to lots of author newsletters these days. I don't always read them all, but some of them I make a point of catching no matter how short on time I get. This particular author never fails to crack me up with the button text they use in their promo section. ;D

Promo text:
A HUGE Instafreebie promotion in all of your favorite genres!
Grab some free books and get to know some authors. Reading is probably a much better way of spending your time than binge-watching Supernatural (made it to season nine, by the way).

Button text:
Nine seasons. In just over a month. You need help. You also need to finish writing Goddesses of War because I'm losing my patience. Don't make me take your Netflix away.

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Hmmmmmmm... I know old eggs are better for hardboiled, because they peel much more easily, but I wonder whether old eggs or new eggs are better for mayonnaise?
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