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Ayrfield, BSR, CCC, FanTek, FBA, LCoA, Ludus, SCA, TCEP, W&L, W&M

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A new tip for using Google Takeout to export your G+ data. This is a link that's formatted to select all the relevant bits without the other stuff that isn't getting nuked next year yet.
Administrivia: Updated Google Data Takeout link to pre-select for Google+ products

The Google+ Mass Migration Sidebar has numerous links, one is to "Google Data Takeout". I've just edited this to pre-select all products potentially associated with a G+ account, to the best of present knowledge:,circles,stream,plus_one,profile,plus_communities,plus_photos

That is, the link includes:

* plus_pages: Any "Pages" associated with your G+ profile.

* circles: Your G+ Circles.

* stream: All G+ Stream activity: posts, comments, polls, etc.

* plus_one: Your "+1"s on external Web pages.

* profile: Your G+ Profile

* plus_communities: A listing of G+ communities.

* plus_photos: Your G+ photos, organised by album.

There may be more information in this selection than you need or want to keep But there should not be any G+ content that can be archived that is excluded. In other words: this is a complete and preselected link. It simplifies the process problem of "what content do I select".

You will still need to choose other archive settings, including individual formats (HTML by default, use *JSON where possible), the archive chunk size (2 GB by default), the format (.zip by default), and the delivery option. Process for all of these should be further improved by Google, and we have ongoing requests for this to happen.

There's further room for improvement, but this is progress.

If you're trialing the Google Data Archive Process, you probably want to use this link to get started.

Any updates and/or corrections are welcomed.

Accessing The G+MM Sidebar

This appears on the left side of your browser window using the Desktop Web client.

For Mobile Web, use the "kebab" (three vertical dot) menu and select "About" for this content.

For iOS and Android apps, I believe the interface is as with Mobile Web.
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I have not actually tried this export tool yet myself. It's based on Google Takeout. The free version exports 3000 posts, which is fine if you post only once a day or less often. The developer currently plans to add Blogger as the next destination option. It's worth keeping an eye on for future development.

EDIT: It is not based on GTakeout; they took their own approach based on the Google+ website.
Hi Everyone,

We've just released Google+ Exporter, an application that helps you to export your Google+ feeds (profile, pages, collections, communities, including all comments) to Wordpress eXtended RSS file.

Another available option is to export all posts published to profile, pages, collections, and communities to JSON file, including all comments!

Transform exported JSON data can into imports for other services, or you can use JSON export as a full generic backup of your posts.

The free version of the application enables you to export up to 3000 posts. You can buy a license key to get unlimited experience.

I would love to know your opinion, suggestions or requests. Thank you!

You can find more detailed info in the blog post

Updates can be downloaded from page

UPDATE 11-12-2018 - release 1.0.11:
* updated Google+ accounts detection

UPDATE 10-12-2018 - release 1.0.9:
* updated Google+ accounts detection

UPDATE 28-11-2018 - release 1.0.7:
* updated Google+ accounts detection

UPDATE: release 1.0.5:
* fixed posts comments download. We recommend re-downloading all feeds to fetch missing comments.
* fixed message compilation for WP export
* WP export now with comments
* export collections and communities separately
* configurable exports, pick whether you want to export private posts and comments

#GooglePlusRefugees #GooglePlus #Google+ #DataLiberation #DataExport
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*sigh* I keep forgetting that Google determinedly keeps breaking every feature I come to depend on. I'm not sure whether it's a specific number or a time limit, but my notifications only go back three days. Good thing I never did turn off my notification emails! I guess I'll skim over the ones from the preceding 4-ish days, then...
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I keep swearing that this is the day I'm going to catch up on G+ again, and then...something happens...lots of Real Life has happened...not even the interesting bits; just time-consuming bits...and so G+ doesn't even get a look...

Maybe tomorrow???
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Free e-book every month from the University of Chicago Press!

This month, The Big Jones Cookbook: Recipes for Savoring the Heritage of Regional Southern Cooking

Requires Adobe DigitalEditions or similar due to DRM.

#free #ebook #food #recipe #SouthernCooking
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O my friends who are #SeananMcGuire fans! The Thirteen Days of Hogswatch are here again!
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Resharing as always. Every little bit helps.
New glasses!

Yes it's been 5 months since the last update. Honestly, not much has been going on. A friend suggested this was a good time to make an update, so I'll start with this.

The medical bills are still there, waiting to be paid, but at least we haven't needed any further medical care since June. But I decided my eyes had settled down sufficiently that I could get good quality reading glasses. My optometrist agreed, in the form of a prescription. Leaving out the low-comedy mishaps that caused only minor delays, lenses were ordered, and frames selected, and on the Tuesday before USA Thanksgiving, these were ready for pickup. Merry early Christmas to me, it seems. Hope that you and yours had an excellent holiday weekend if applicable.

(Originally posted to GoFundMe:

As mentioned earlier, the medical bills haven't gone away, so donations are still very welcome, and I encourage you to share the link to this fundraiser as widely as you are comfortable doing.)
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