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You cannot put a price on finding the right relationship. If you want to help others or improve your own relationships, take some time to invest in yourself - learn to maintain a relationship that is full of FUN and thriving. Share this special invite with others. Hope to see you there!

Is it true Happy thoughts make happy people?

Could it be that simple?

It is not what we know that transforms rather what we DO with what we know- Why wait? Choose to act decisively for the changes you desire JS

Dont make passion your goal!!! Use your passion to get your goal... We help people find passion to drive their destiny... JS

Passion without a plan is like a dog chasing it tail!!!! put your passion into plan you will get traction for success... JS

Don't give-up! We help you line-up your passion with what you are doing... So you will not be wanting to be giving-up!!!!! JS

Our Minds are profoundly formidable…
It is Innovative, Inventive, Ingenious…
Use it or lose it…. Use it for overcoming…

Our Brains are incredibly impressive…
It is creative, clever, connecting…
Use it or lose it… loose it for complaining…
Jaipaul Swamidass

More Power for life…
It is true you can have the day you want. Just remember you have not changed your situation even a tinny bit by worrying, fearing, regretting or angry.... except ruining your day... Right? I must add it has made your day, life and every thing you have look bad... Right?
So you want "money"? Do some things about it TODAY deferent from the days before, you will get deferent results. Wow a novel Idea.... Surprise your self… Try it!
• Today you cast your net the other side to catch more fish (Client) than before
• Today you Design a better net to catch greater fish (New Job)...
• Today you go to another pond (markets) with new schools of fish...
• Today you make a list of actions to finish by 5pm.... and Act on it, to cast nets, design powerful nets, go to new ponds.... Acton’s will get what you want "MONEY" “Happiness” “relationship” “peace”…. You are closer to it every day!
Sustained change… creates the life style of success....
"Wise people" learns (By hearing) and "Does it" (Act on it).... When the storms of life hits, they weather them well....
I feel foolish when I Know what to do and "Don’t DO them" (Not Act) it is then I find my self fretting, doubting and creating a day of hell for me, as I crumble…. when the rainy day strikes... I have no answers!

Life doesn’t have to be that way!!! Be wise “Do what you Know”
Change what you are doing; you will change the life you have for the life you want....
See you on the side off success…. Jaipaul Swamidass

These are the 6 powerful principles to help us think about tomorrow with new hope. As you practice these principles you will find joy.... and much hope for the future.... Get your destiny you are made for.... Focus on it and pursue it daily:

1. Forget what has happened in the past— (Past success or pain)
2. Focus on the future, do not focus on past glory or defeat
3. See with the eyes of faith, your destiny for greatness (Visionary sight)
4. Visualize a new dawn of hope & joy (Picture yourself in your destiny)
5. Our creator will guide us through a parched landscape in difficult times.
6. Do not give up, God will prevail for us even in desperate times

Your past can blind you to a bright new vision for tomorrow. Forget past shame, pains, and regret. Forget the good times of yesterday, now seemingly gone forever.

A new dawn is waiting to be revealed to you, if you will simply release the past and visualize a bright new hope-filled future—one in which your heart’s deepest longings will be satisfied, your great spiritual thirst quenched and the fulfillment of your dreams realized…

Focus your faith on what will be and not what has been. Capt. Jaipaul Swamidass

Wonder of todays is tomorrow’s vivid history
Wonder of tomorrow is today’s keen dreams
Keep your wonder alive to catch your dreams
Jaipaul Swamidass
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