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Been updating the Duros, came up with three skill variations for Starship Intuition. All of this information and a poll are setup in a Rancorpit posting. Please take a look and let me know what you think.

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I have never liked the racial template for Chiss as I never really understood why the creators converted it the way they did. I had always assumed that WEG had the stats in one of the Heir to the Empire sourcebooks. Imagine my surprise when there were none.

This got me to looking for additional information. SWd20 "Alien Anthology" had a special quality concerning a tactics bonus, SWd20r "Ultimate Alien Anthology" removed the SQ and gave skill bonusus, but nothing to tactics, SWsaga list no skill bonus and neither does FFGs "Enter the Unknown". The only consistency between all the sources is that Chiss had the ability to see in the infrared spectrum.

Recently, though the new canon book, "Thrawn", we discover that Chiss can see slightly into the infrared spectrum but not enough to see in total darkness nor at great distances. We also find out that the Chiss race has keen hearing.

With this new information I made changes the Chiss badly needed. Input and comments appreciated!

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Pursuant to a discussion yesterday on the Discord server, I have put together some new stats for Stormtroopers. Additionally, I updated Stormtrooper armor to accurately model what we know about it now. Not surprisingly, a lot of things have changed since WEG first created them.

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Agamar planetary profile

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Alpheridies planetary profile

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Arkania planetary profile

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Since Arkanian were not introduced until SWd20, they have not had a complete write-up in d6. It was converted in Aliens Stats, but that is just a bunch of numbers. I have put together, from wookieepedia, a good resource for the race, having re-written sections and updated special abilities to remove game mechanic ambiguity. Comments welcome.

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I have been reworking the Miraluka. They are part of EU/Legends and not considered canon. I have created two versions. The second one I am unsure about since it includes an ability I have not been able to verify that Miraluka even have. Force Sight, which is a Force power allowing the user to see through solid matter.

Doing some additional research, I do not believe that Miraluka see by using this Force power. It it operates differently from Force Sight. I have not spent a lot of time with TOR or novels or comics around that era either. Perhaps someone can point to 1. a Miraluka using Force Sight to look through solid objects, and 2. the use of Force Sight by a non-Miraluka.

Both are available to look at. Please post your comments and suggestions.

While doing research on the approximate age younglings become initiates and when they were presented to Knights and Masters to become younglings, as well as how long it took a padawan to become a Knight, I came up with some interesting things about Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka:

Ahsoka Tano
4 Accepted into Jedi Order
15 Becomes Anakin's padawan
18 Offered promotion to Knight.
34 Battles Darth Vader on Malachor.

Anakin Skywalker
9 Obi-Wan takes him as his padawan
13 Builds his first lightsaber
20 Promoted to Jedi Knight, Ahsoak becomes his padawan.
23 Jedi Purge, becomes Darth Vader.
39 Battles Ahsoka on Malachor.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
~4 Starts initiate training.
~14 Qui-Gon takes him as his padawan.
25 Promoted to Jedi Knight, takes Anakin as his padawan.
36 Jedi Purge, go into hiding to protect Luke.
53 Battle Darth Maul on Tatooine.
55 Battles Darth Vader on Death Star I.

You will see that Ahsoka and Obi-Wan began initiate training at approximately the same age. Information sources state that initiated begin training at 4-8 years old. Anakin was 9 when presented to the High Council and was rejected as being too old.

Obi-wan was taken as a padawan at ~14 and Ahsoka at 15. Most information I could find stated that 13 was the age in which they were presented as padawan candidates. But the ages of Ahsoka, Kenobi and the the amount of time an 8 year has to make the cut, doesn't make sense. I feel as though the order would have would start looking closely at that initiate and decide through testing, progression and the will of the Force if they should continue. I don't think this would be based on age, though with the dogmatic teachings of the Jedi of the late Republic Era, I could indeed see a mandatory age for initiate training to padawan. Though this would not explain away Ahsoka or Kenobis late move to padawans.

As for moving from padwan to knight. Anakin goes from not knowing the Force at 9 to Knight by 20. After only 11 years of training. Obi-Wan becomes a Knight at 25, also 11 years after becoming a padawan, but after 21 years of total training. Ahsoka is offered promotion to Knight at 18, 3 years after becoming a padawan, and 14 years of total training.

To my knowledge the only individual to gain Knight status the fastest, is Mace Windu who some time in his teens become a Knight and by 28 was a Master. Let us say he was Knighted when he was 17 and after 11 years becomes a Master. He probably started training at 4, and may have become a padawan earlier than 13. His total amount of training to become a Knight is 13 years, to become a Master 14 years.

I wonder if Ahsokas promotion to Knight was because of all the things she was forced to experience during the Clone Wars or if it was offered by the High Council because they knew they had screwed up royally and wanted to keep a gifted Force user in the Order?

Some benchmarks that we can take away from this are, initiates start at 4-8 years old, if they pass, they may be offered up as padawans. Initiate training runs until they learner is ~14 years old. Experience and training for a padawan to be promoted to Knight requires another trial and takes ~11 years. The experience of a master is a bit more nebulous but probably ranges from 10-20 years of additional experience.

Please keep in mind these are canon dates and do not include information from EU sources such as the Jedi Apprentice and other series specifically dealing with initiates, padawans, knights, masters, Obi-Wan, Anakin or Ahsoka. I would love to read your comments!

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