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In FATE Worlds Vol.1, in the section "Tower of the Serpents" it lists a physical location within the city as Darkside and it has the Aspects: The Sun Never Shines and Hive of Villainy. Within Darkside is a pub called _Mam Sabba's" with the Aspects: No Murder at Mama's and A Rough House for Rough Custom.

The question is, do the players know all the Aspects? Does that mean by spending FATE points they can invoke them without having to learn about them? Furthermore, while in Mama Sabba's can they invoke the Darkside Aspects?

I am having trouble making sure I am applying the use of Aspects within a scene and what the players and characters would know. I know, this is probably a holdover of years of roleplaying in a certain mindset and I am having a very difficult time changing that mindset.

Came across this interesting rule for movement:

Alternate Movement Rule
The difficulty to cover rapidly a distance on foot is determined by the number of extra movements the character takes. One movement equals the character’s Move value; two movements equals twice the Move value, and so on. For each movement beyond the first, add 5 to the base difficulty of zero.

Example: A character with a Move of 10 meters per round who wants to move 20 meters in one round has a running difficulty of 5, while a character who wants to move 40 meters has a difficulty of 15. A character who fails his running roll covers only his Move or may even trip.

Hey there FATE community. I am doing preliminary research into running a FATE Battlestar Galactic Season Two game. I have only played two sessions and never run the game, so I am very new. So, I figured I would post some questions to the community.

1. Suggestions on materials for a space opera game?
2. Is there already FATE BSG material out there?
3. How do setting aspects work?

I am currently working on those and this is what I have come up with so far: On the run from the Cylons, Search for the 13th tribe, Alone in the Universe, and War of the Gods.

I have been kicking around some aspects for groups and not sure how to approach this. For example: colonial warriors seem to always be at odds with fleet security, their power seems to be curtailed once off the Galactica, they have access to food and equipment the rest of the fleet does not, they also have a warrior's code honor, which includes quite a few things, including protecting others. How would you write this up? How would Fleet Security be written up?

I have never really liked the wookiee Berserker Rage . I cannot tell you how many times I have seen it used incorrectly. Granted, those coming from a D&D background seem to automatically assume its the same as the Barbarian's enrage special ability. On top of that I feel as though the description is not very good and that it doesn't effectively emulate how I see a wookiee acting while enraged. So here is a new write-up of that portion of the wookiee species.

Berserker Rage: A Wookiee who believe themself, immediate family, or those to whom they have pledged a life debt to be in life-threatening danger may become enraged, +2D modifier to Strength-based damage. The wookiee will immediately attack anyone it sees as a danger. While enraged the wookiee character may only use brawling parry, dodge, melee combat, melee parry, intimidation, brawling, climbing/jumping and lifting skills.

Once all enemies have been controlled-unconscious, captured, killed or somehow otherwise physically restrained or stopped-the wookiee may attempt to calm down. This requires a Moderate Perception skill check. Close friends of the Wookiee can coordinate with the Wookiee to make this easier. If the roll is failed the wookiee will attempt to again attack whatever it perceived as the danger, pace menacingly, destroy objects nearby or even possibly attack allies, until a successful roll is made.

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Bipedal walker used by the Galactic Empire. It is a slow walker due to the size of its main cannon, which fires a massive shot that explodes on impact. While firing, it is rendered immobilized. It is vulnerable to anti-vehicle weapons as a result of its light armor. It also possesses a front armor plate with artillery flashback shielding.

Adventure Seed Monday
Type: Search/Acquire
Terrain: Starhip graveyard
Complication: Special equipment
Opposition: Droids
Hazard: Zero-G

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While working on SWRe I came up with these stats for industry standard cargo containers. These are loosely based on real world shipping containers with an eye for easy mechanics. Let me know what you guys think.

Cargo Containers
There are many types and designs of cargo containers throughout the galaxy. With the introduction of galactic trade companies have established industry standards for size, cargo capacities, and environmental controls for specific types of containers.

Type A: 6 meter container (6m x 2.4m x 2.6m/20' x8' x8'6"), 12.5 metric tons
Type B: 12 meter container (12.2m x 2.4m x 2.6m/40' x8' x8'6"), 25 metric tons
Type C: 12 meter high-cube (12.2m x 2.4m x 2.9m/40' x8' x9'6"), 30 metric tons
Type D: 14 meter high-cube (13.7m x 2.4m x 2.9m/45'x8' x9'6"), 35 metric tons

Cargo Containers
Scale: Walker
Cost: Type A: 3,500 (new), 2,500 (used); Type B: 2,500 (new), 1,500 (used); Type: 4,700 (new), 3,700 (used); Type: 2,900 (new), 1,900 (used)
Availability: 1-2, possibly F
Body Strength: 1D (+1D to +2D if armored)

Sources: Stats by +Oliver Queen.

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Canine predators native to the planet Lothal. By the Imperial Era, Loth-wolves are widely believed to be extinct. They come a variety of colors including white, black, silver Loth-wolves were sentient, and also capable of speaking Galactic Basic, although they did not speak often. Loth-wolves ae large creatures, taller than a Human. They were strongly connected to the Force of Lothal, making them capable of remarkable feats.

Type: Canine predator
Hide 6D, search 5D+1, search: tracking 6D, sneak 6D
Brawling 6D, climbing/jumping 7D+1
Special Abilities:
--- Claws: Do STR+2 damage.
--- Bite: Does STR+1D damage.
--- Darkvision: Can see in near total darkness without penalty.
--- Sentient: Loth-wolves have a unique form of sentience granted by the Force. allowing them to feel, perceive and respond to physical and non-physical sensations. They also have the gift of understanding whatever language is spoken to them and in turn understood when they speak.
--- Exceptional Reflexes: Gain a +1D bonus to all Perception rolls made to determine initiative.
--- Force Sense: Loth-wolves have an unusual affinity for the Force and Force using sentients. When a character uses the Force in an area where Loth-wolves are present, a number of loth-wolves will appear within five rounds and begin observing the individual for up to 10 minutes.
--- World Between Worlds: Loth-wolves were capable of entering a mystical plane that exists between time and space, linking all moments in time together. This allowed them to travel great distances without being seen in a short amount of time, similar in ways to hyperspace travel.
Move: 16
Size: 1.8 at the shoulder

Sources: SWRe 4.08 "Flight of the Defender", 4.07 "Kindred", 4.09 "Rebel Assault", 4.10 "Jedi Night", 4.11 "DUME", 4.12 "Wolves and a Door", 4.13 "A World Between Worlds", 4.14 "A Fool's Hope", 4.15-16 "Family Reunion – and Farewell", wookieepedia, stats by +Oliver Queen.

Rumor Wednesday: Majestor Security is looking for contractors for specialized security details. Free housing, medical, paid training and schooling, 18-month contract required. Message HoloNet: Subnet mask B11A-00BT: P14.003.233. Many of our postings are mid-rim terrestrial. Get top pay and free training, advanced leadership training for qualified individuals.

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Character Tuesday: Arihnda Pryce, Lothal Sector Governor

Arihnda Pryce
Type: Lothal Sector Governor
Blaster 4D
Bureaucracy 6D, business: Pryce Mining 6D, intimidation 4D, planetary systems: Lothal sector 5D+2
Bargain 5D, command 5D, persuasion 5D+1, search 3D+2
Martial Arts 5D
Computer programming/repair 3D+2, security 4D
Character Points: 4
Move: 10
Equipment: Blaster (4D), Imperial governor uniform, code cylinder, comlink, datapad.

Growing up on Lothal, Pryce began to resent the quiet dullness of the open spaces for lacking culture and excitement. Regarding Lothal as boring, Arihnda sought to escape to more cosmopolitan worlds, where excitement and bright lights existed alongside what she regarded as "sophisticated people." Her father Talimoor eventually discovered a source of doonium, one of the hardest metals known for making starship hulls and something valued by the expanding Imperial Navy. When Arihnda came of age, she inherited her father's mining company. Seeking access to the companies' doonium mines, Arik Uvis sought to buy a 21 percent stake in the company but Arihnda rejected the offer.

Pryce wass appointed governor of the Lothal sector after the previous governor, Ryder Azadi, is charged with treason by the Galactic Empire and imprisoned in 5 BBY. Under Pryce's rule, Lothal becomes the main hub for the Imperial presence in the Lothal sector. Based out of Lothal's Capital City where the Empire has a large military presence, numerous factories, and exploits the people to benefit the Empire. At one point, Pryce visited Coruscant to discuss Lothal's industrial and mining sectors, and was received by Grand Vizier Mas Amedda. She was extended an invitation to meet with officials on Eriadu within the upcoming weeks. Pryce's rule also sees the rise of a rebellion, particularly in Capital City.

During her tenure as governor, the impact of the growing rebellion continues to destabilize parts of the Empire, Lothal being no exception. In 2 BBY, Pryce met with Grand Moff Tarkin to discuss the growing threat posed by the rebel insurgency. During the meeting, Pryce informed Tarkin that things were quiet on Lothal but that there had been a prison breakout on nearby Naraka. Dissatisfied with the performance of Admiral Kassius Konstantine whom she regards as more of a politician than a soldier, she believes that the only way to effectively wipe out the rebellion was to enlist the help of someone who could "see the bigger picture." Tarkin understood her concerns and granted her request of the Seventh Fleet.

An ambitious individual who looks down upon her Lothalian roots. While she was from Lothal, she had no interest in remaining there. She placed her own ambitions and career aspirations over the interests of the Lothalian people; this stood in contrast to her deputy ruler, Maketh Tua, who genuinely cared for the people. She rarely visits Lothal and only returns to her homeworld because the planet has become a haven for rebels about 2 BBY. Pryce sees the master tactician Grand Admiral Thrawn as a valuable asset in her fight against the rebel presence in the Lothal sector.

Pryce holds little regard for others, deeming extremely high civilian casualties as "acceptable" due to there being no more rebels in the Batonn sector. She is also willing to torture in order to obtain intelligence on the rebellion. Pryce can be sadistic, after witnessing the deliberate death of Morad Sumar in a speeder explosion she is seen to smile. Despite her confident demeanor, Pryce reacts with alarm when a traitor is suspected among the ranks. Her suggested response is to interrogate all Imperial personnel.

As a staunch Imperial loyalist, Pryce seeks to boost her standing at every opportunity. She has an overconfident belief in superiority of arms and numbers. Governor Pryce regards a coordinated rebel assault as an unprecedented development. Lacking Thrawn's tactical and naval skills, she fails to prevent Mandalorian rebels from destroying a second Imperial interdictor cruiser. She is also easily goaded when Kallus taunts her about her failure to safeguard Thrawn's fleet.

Unlike some other high ranking Imperial officials, Arihnda Pryce distinguishes herself as a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, having received martial training and she is not afraid to get her hands dirty if necessary.

Source: N "Thrawn", JR SotE-01, SWRe 1.03 "Droids in Distress" (mentioned only), JR SotE-02, SWRe 1.08 "Empire Day" (mentioned only), JR SotE-03-04 (mentioned only), SWRe 1.13 "Call to Action" (mentioned only),SWRe 3.01-02 "Steps Into Shadow" (pictured), SWRe 3.04 "The Antilles Extraction", SWRe 3.06 "The Last Battle", SWRe 3.10 "An Inside Man", SWRe 3.17 "Through Imperial Eyes", SWRe 3.18 "Secret Cargo", SWRe 3.21-22 "Zero Hour", wookieepedia. Stats by Oliver Queen.
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