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Quill West
I teach because I want to live in a better world.
I teach because I want to live in a better world.

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$1 Million and Counting
Today Tacoma Community College announced that "The Liberated" students have saved just over $1 million in the twenty-four months we have been keeping track of student textbook savings. This quarter alone, teachers of over 71 sections of courses at TCC are u...

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Saved $833K!
Textbook Liberated Students from the Tacoma Campus Public Speaking Class signed a thank you note to Tacoma Community College faculty, staff, and administration for supporting the OER Project. To date our college has saved students a collective $833,000 on t...

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Active Participation and Practice
Deandra W. is new to classes that use a collection of resources, instead of a traditional textbook. She points out that while some classes may need a textbook, others are better organized around a more diverse approach to the concepts. "Although I am sure s...

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"We Are Liberated" Video

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Changing Expectations of Learning
While saving money on textbooks is important, it is also
important to recognize that students invest a lot of time learning new ways to
approach course materials when they use open resources. Carol P. found that using open resources for her English course

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Studying with OER is More Engaging
Stephanie D. appreciates how
her teacher’s use of OER saved her from the textbook routine that she used to
follow. “I have found OER to be much more engaging and convenient. Textbook
readings and work always make me cringe. I never have the motivation to st...

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OER - Not Dusty
"I've gained the knowledge of a relevant, current event, instead of reading the same old dusty novel," says Gary L. of his class using OER. While the dollars saved in his English class are important to Gary, he seems to be more impressed with the inventive ...

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Monica D. Finds OER Refreshing
D. is a new student at TCC. She is returning to school after fifteen years
working for the same employer. As a mother of three, Monica is thankful for two
of her courses which are using OER this quarter. “I am so thankful for this
opportunity to use ...

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Why I Take OER Courses
I. Branch, a student who is currently taking an OER class at TCC's Gig Harbor Campus. Branch writes, TCC's OER Project has made a significant change in my college experience and ultimately the way that I can live my life. The savings of just two years with ...
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