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Young in thought, older in experience
Young in thought, older in experience


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Diet Soda can Kill You, or just Make You Fat!
According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Cardiology , those who are drinking diet soda on a daily basis are 48% more likely to DIE from a stroke or heart attack.  Diet soda also increases the risk for Kidney disease. If that weren't ...

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Alzheimer's & Exercise
According to a recent meta-study involving the analysis of more than 150 studies, researchers have concluded beyond a doubt that older people who exercise regularly have a significantly lower risk of developing the progressive brain disorder than those who ...

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One Little Drink Won't Hurt, Right?
Wrong, according to scientists at the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund.  They found evidence that as little as one small alcoholic drink a day could SIGNIFICANTLY increase a woman's risk for breast cancer. Data from ...

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Warning: New Disease from Tick Bites
A rare (so far) and new disease has been affecting people who live or vacation in wooded areas. It's a transmitted virus called, "Powassan." The problem is two-fold.  It's a virus and it is directly and immediately transferred to humans by a tick bite in a ...

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Drink These to get rid of Belly Bloat
drink will cause you to shed a bit of belly fat each night while you
sleep! Ingredients: 1
cucumber 1
small bunch of parsley 1
tsp of freshly grated ginger ½
of a lemon 1/3
cup of water Put
all the ingredients into a blender, blend until liquefied, and...

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A Vegetable that Flattens the Belly
bacteria love fiber. However, all fiber is not created equal. Gut
microbes prefer a specific type of bacteria called, “fructans.”
These particular microbes are found in white onions, raw white
onions. There is hope. Another great tasting vegetable...

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Eating This Fat will Help decrease gut Fat
Oils. A recent study published in the journal, Lipid Technology, indicates that fish fats help
your healthy gut bacteria to multiply, crowding out the bad bacteria
that cause weight gain. Eating
fish high in fat and low in mercury, like smoked macker...

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What to Eat if You’re Craving a Snack before Dinner
Granny Smith apple. It’s a great source of fiber, has a low GI and
is a superfood for good gut bacteria. You will have fewer cravings,
better digestion, less bloating and a flatter stomach if you snack
with these. Just please make certain that the apple...

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Eat This in Your Salad for Fat Loss
We hear a lot about the importance of probiotics for the gut, but there is
something else equally important, prebiotic fiber. Prebiotic fiber
is a super-food for your good gut bacteria. Without it, your gut
won’t be able to sustain good bacteria growth. T...

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Eating to Increase the "B" Gut Bacteria
In my last post, we discussed the differences in good (B) vs. bad (F)  bacteria.  This is what you need to do to ensure the growth of the good bugs in your gut and its continuing health. Stop eating simple carbohydrates Stop drinking all soda Stop using art...
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