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At first I thought the treadmills would be boring, but the class moves fast and has a great variety of workouts. I've been going consistently for a year now, and I am in better shape than any time in my life. If you need motivation to get you working out regularly, and you need a class that pushes you (but not beyond your capability) - no matter what your fitness level is, try orange theory. The trainers at NorthLake are THE BEST and so is the front office staff. Very personal, friendly, welcoming.
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Hidden gem: the stylists do amazing work, prices are unbeatable ($8 for adult, $6 for kids 9 and under), meticulous: anywhere else, you'd pay $30-$40 for the haircut you get here. I take my 10 year old son - great hours, walk-ins welcome. Waaaay better than Great Clips - and less expensive too.
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ALWAYS GET A SECOND OPINION - they tried to tell me my 2014 optima with 11k miles had a bent rim and i needed 2 new tires (quote $860 total) - went straight to my local highly reputable tire place, they walked me under my car, spun my wheels, to show me there was no bent rim and i didn't need any new tires. I called Kia Motors America to complain about Rick Case Kia Service - do the same if you get misquoted. Don't let them get away with this. 1-800-333-4KIA
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Please be warned about inaccurate estimates either over the phone or in person. I had an over the phone quote for brakes ($120 for the front, $140 for the back, or something like that) while the car was in the shop for new tires. After discussing it with my husband, we told James the service manager we'd go ahead and do it. When I picked up my car, there was a very strangely coded $200 charge for labor. Not only was I told it was a $100 per axle fee, but James insisted he told me about this on the phone. He had not. They 'graciously' refunded $100 as a 'misunderstanding.' Outraged, my husband decided to uncover this scam; he stopped by the shop and asked for a written quote for brakes. No $100 per axle fee on the quote that was printed out. When he called their bluff, they refunded the rest but insisted that it should have been included in on the quote. We'll be sending all this documentation to NTB corporate, but I want to warn anyone trying to get brakes to watch out for hidden charges. I'm a longtime customer of this NTB and I always felt like the guys who work here are professional and straightforward. I always sympathize with them because of their outdated computers and often understaffed front desk. But this experience made me feel like I was being scammed possibly because I was a woman.
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Staff was super- friendly, called ahead for a large order and it was ready promptly - noticed the health inspection score is 99. 1st time eating Popeyes - it's really good!
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Went in here with my novice 8-year-old and his Walmart skateboard to see about getting it either outfitted with better trucks/wheels or replacing it, and - despite the negative reviews from others - we got great service from Thomas. At no time did we feel unwelcome despite not being part of the skater scene. My son got a cheapo skateboard from Walmart for Christmas but he had trouble with it not moving well when he was on the ramps at the skatepark. Since he was devoting a good amount of time and interest to skateboarding - and as someone who knows good equipment is important in certain sports! - I did some research online and decided he could use a bit better board. I also prefer to support local business and Stratosphere gave us a good deal on a decent beginner skateboard - $99 - which was cheaper than trying to put better equipment on the old one. I would recommend this shop to anyone just starting out in the sport.
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