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Фотография профиля пользователя Alyse Mac
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Фотография профиля пользователя Nanette Nielson
Nanette Nielson
6 месяцев назад
Smells a little, but has a great and helpful staff. I love the online hold system. I feel like i am book shopping instead of borrowing.
Фотография профиля пользователя Grant Mueller
Grant Mueller
год назад
Great little library with a good vibe and location. Multnomah county library system allows you to make holds online and pick them up anywhere in the system! Snappin'!
Bruce Scott
5 лет назад
I could go here simply to be around the staff who care about what they do and the people that they serve. Completely available to be of service. This is an example of what is possible in a world where people care for each other.
Пользователь Google
3 года назад
Great library, friendly service, wonderful youth librarian. Support our libraries!
Фотография профиля пользователя riley dryad
riley dryad
4 месяца назад
i like the woodstock library. they have very kind people working there.
Фотография профиля пользователя Rain Madrone
Rain Madrone
3 года назад
You have to love the Multnomah County Library! Put things on hold online, pick them up at your neighborhood branch - so easy. The Woodstock library has very good story hours kids of various ages, and they host all kinds of events. But mostly we go there to get new books to read at bedtime!
Пользователь Google
3 года назад
We love the Woodstock library! It's a beautiful building, has many books on the shelves and the youth librarian is superb! Great storytimes and great service.
Пользователь Google
4 года назад
I grew up near here and this was the closest branch at the time. I spent many hours here in the early 1960s.


У кого в кругах
3 участника
Фотография профиля пользователя Alyse Mac

Woodstock Library пока с вами ничем не делится.

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