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Self-Publishing and Libraries: What Librarians and Self-Publishers Need to Know by Denise Weldon-Siviy
I've been a self-publisher now for 4 years. The idea of sending a manuscript to a traditional publisher never appealed to me. The expense of printing and then waiting for a likely disappointing reply wasn't what I wanted. I hoped to publish my book straight...

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REPARATION: A Spiritual Journey by Maria Hall
This was a great book, I didn't think I would enjoy this story about a young woman becoming a nun, but it was well written and had me hooked from start to finish. An amazing true story. 5 stars It never ceases to amaze me what people are willing to do or

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Something to Prove: A biography of Ann Lowe America's Forgotten Designer by Julia Faye Smith
Over the years I've reviewed many genres by mostly self published and independent writers. I've come across some real gems but also some books that could have done with a thorough edit or reformat. I contact the writer if I have any serious issues with the ...

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Just A drop in the Ocean by Grant Leishman
Spring is hotting up here and I hope to get a lot more reading done on the beach. The water is still a little chilly at 17°C but refreshing non the less. This book was quite an epic read spanning a generation and a large part of the Pacific. I gave it 5 sta...

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Oric and the Alchemist's Key (The Oric Trilogy Book 1) by Lesley Wilson
This week I read a book I would have enjoyed enormously as a child. Actually I still enjoyed it as an adult, but it is definitely aimed at the younger end of the YA market. As a child I enjoyed any adventure set in historical times and it is still one of my...

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Whack a Spammer and Mint Condition
This time I reviewed a romance and a personal little rant about all that is wrong with self publishing today. Both got 4 stars from me. Here are the reviews: Mint Condition (Classic Love Book 1) by Kat Drennan When
Maddie is forced to sell her classic Cadil...

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Just entered Conversations with Tom into a book competition. Will need your nominations when the time comes.

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Mr Apocalypse (Future of London Book 2) by Mark Gillespie
This is the follow up to a book I reviewed a few weeks back; L-2011. It received 5 stars from me and is one of my favourite books of 2017. That is until I read the follow up; Mr Apocalypse which I liked even more. I do like that the writer has set the book ...

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Rebel Lexis (Rings Of Polaris Book 1) by Paul Alan
I'm not normally a big fan of Sci-fi but I really enjoyed this book. A five star read. Rebel Lexis (Rings of Polaris Book1) by Paul Alan on What I liked best about this book is the sassy on board
computer that flirts shamelessly with Captain Jaso...

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Dusk: Book 1 (Warrior series)
The following book I would still class as young adult, it contains no swearing but the romance is a little bit steamy without going into any explicit detail. I gave it four star as I liked the story, but thought the pace could be a bit quicker and scene des...
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