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David Whitlock

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Explanation of how Conservatives arrive at their talking points.
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No thanks;it has to be insanity.
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David Whitlock

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After what the GOP did in the House, with their rule change making Ryan the only one who can bring the bill to the floor, changing this in the Senate is justified. 
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Yes, Cantor, but to me they all look the same.
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David Whitlock

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This is the same management strategy that did Enron in.

Make everything about “competition” between individuals and you incentivize people to sabotage their co-workers. It is always easier to compete via sabotage than via creating. Anyone can sabotage.
There were many reasons for the decline of Microsoft under Steve Ballmer, including, as I wrote this morning, its lack of focus and its habit of chasing trends rather than creating them. But one that’s not obvious to outsiders was the company’s employee evaluation system, known as “stack ranking.” The...
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I'm reminded of the punchline to the old joke, "I don't have to run faster than the bear, I just have to run faster than you."

People will always try to outrun their companions when the bear is on their heels. And the easiest way to make sure you can outrun your companions is to whack them in the knee with a stick. This is a concept that seems foreign to the managers in question.

"First prize is a Cadillac El Dorado. Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is you're fired." is a recipe for disaster.
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David Whitlock

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I just realized why issues of consent for sex are so controversial in Skepticism.

Because the default mindset in Skepticism is always “I don't know”.

If you haven't asked the question “do you want to have sex with me” in unambiguous terms and in a place and under circumstances where your potential partner feels safe enough to say “no”, or even “hell NO!”, then you are doing it wrong and are not a Skeptic and you don't care whether a “yes” or “no” is voluntary and uncoerced.

That is why there was so much push back against +Rebecca Watson  in elevator gate when she said “guys don't do that”. She wasn't telling guys to never ask women if they want to have sex, she was saying only ask that question at a time and in a place and under circumstances where a woman would feel completely safe to say “no”, because if she doesn't feel safe, then it is coercive. Maybe not as coercive as gamma-hydroxybutyrate, a knife or a firearm, but it is still coercive.

This isn't a big deal for guys who are mature in their Skepticism. They use cognition and reason to determine their actions. They only know things by going from facts to conclusions by using valid logic. If you don't have an unambiguous answer to an unambiguous question, as a Skeptic you have to default to “I don't know”.

This is also why there is so much push back. Because in Skepticism, the default is always “I don't know”. Skepticism should be a place where if a woman is unconscious and so obviously can't say “yes, I want to have sex with this specific person who has asked”, she has not consented to sex. If she is cognitively impaired by excess alcohol, she has not consented to sex.

Once you explain it, it becomes, “oh right, duh”, like many things in Skepticism. Of course, non-skeptics want to maintain their non-skeptical world view because they benefit from it by having sex with women who have not consented to having sex with them. All Skeptics are better off without them. Certainly female skeptics would be better off, but so would male skeptics. If every place where there are Skeptics becomes a safe and non-coercive place, then everyone of good will benefits.

There will continue to be push-back by pseudo-skeptics. They will continue to gas-light, to confuse, to increase the noise-to-signal ratio so they can use their real default, “all that matters is what I want”.

That is the whole point of the misogyny. To increase the “noise” so that even non-misogynists are perceived to be misogynistic. If misogynists make women feel unsafe everywhere, then there is no place that non-misogynists can ask them if they want to have sex. Misogynists don't care about the answer, so it doesn't matter to them. A toxic environment only inhibits the non-misogynists.
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Do you know what the term “slander” means?

Wakefield didn't “slander” the field of immunology, Wakefield committed scientific fraud by lying in scientific publications.

“Slander” and “defamation” have specific meanings.

A statement which is factually correct cannot be “slander”.
A statement of opinion cannot be “slander”.
Expressing opinions about a scientific field cannot be “slander”.

I have no idea what “scientific field” you think you are talking about, and how using

“silencing techniques based off of emotion that directly flies in the face of rationalism, skepticism and logic by utilizing shush words such as "Patriarchy", "Male Privelege", "Mansplaining", "Misogyny".”

could possibly be “slander” against that “scientific field”.

If you want me to think you have a rational argument, you have to show me the facts and logic of that rational argument. So far you haven't. Maybe you don't want to. Maybe you can't. Until I see some new facts and logic that pertain to an issue, I will default to the understanding that I have based on the facts and logic that I have access to.

I am not an expert on Patriarchy, Male Privilege, Mansplaining, or Misogyny. I am a male so misogyny is not usually exhibited toward me, and I try very hard to not express misogyny against any females. I am a male, so I do have Male Privilege, but I try to not use it for evil. I have been accused of mansplaining, but really try to not do so. I recognize the Patriarchy as just one of a number of Kyriarchies.

My conceptualization of Feminism, and the type of Feminism I try to practice is the one where no one has Privilege over anyone but themselves.

My opinion is that this would be a desirable social structure, which unfortunately we are very far from.

As far as I know, there are no facts and no logic that would contradict the desirability of such a social system.
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David Whitlock

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Good discussion of the problem with misogyny online.
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Holly H
Ok yes that makes more sense +Brian Holt Hawthorne  ..thank you for clarifying. I have to say that at least in my experience that there are good people, men out there, that do stick up for women, and still troll a bit for LULZ. They have had my answers everyone in Haiku...pretty funny actually. While I can't say that everyone is the same I think overall men need to stand up and support women online. The group of men that are attacking women network, chat and often have the same thing to say. After a while they become easy to spot and differentiate. They are not doing it for fun but are looking to do harm and create fear.  There are many times where guys attack and all it would really take is a few good men to put an end to it. The more we have these discussions the better...and the more men/women realize this is not a free speech issue but a hate speech  problem the sooner it will be resolved. 
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David Whitlock

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have signed up for it
Help end street harassment one hollaback at a time. As you catch those cree...
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David Whitlock

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Exactly the problem with a top-down power structure.  It seeks to protect the powerful in the power structure at the expense of the non-powerful in the power structure.
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David Whitlock

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This is why the Senate is justified in ending the 60 votes for closure.  If the GOP can do this in the House, the GOP have shown themselves to be traitors.
A rule change pushed through just before the government shutdown turns Eric Cantor into the first Dictator of the United States. All Hail King Eric Cantor.
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David Whitlock

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This is such a great idea for Marvel and for women (and men too).
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David Whitlock

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This is what people of good will are trying to accomplish, a society where we can all live together in peace and happiness.
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David Whitlock

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Good way to deal with underwater mortgages.
Underwater Homeowners Press Conference in front of Richmond City Hall (Photo: ACCE)Using the authority of state government to actually help people has Wall Street bankers in a panic, spurring threats of aggressive legal retaliation against the town of Richmond, California simply for trying to ...
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Nice point +Travis Hayes 
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