I don't understand why people would vote Ron Paul. He has a few great idea's such as gay-rights and his idea's on foreign policy. But among many of his crazy idea's he want's do bring back the gold standard which not only destroy the american dollar, but would also destroy the american economy as well as the international economy. He is also the god-father of the tea-party which is basically the evil side of the evil party.
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Do you like the NDAA? Do you like HR 347? Do you like the needless killing of our youth? Do you like the lies told to you for our reason for war? Do you like being told what you can do with your body and eat? Do you like being forced to take experimental drugs and told its good for you? DO you like having your freedom stolen from you? DO you like the fed/banksters? Do you Hate the Constitution?

If you said yes....

Then DO NOT vote RON PAUL.
there is no 2 party system. wake the fuck up!
No of-course i don't, i think that he's is right when it comes to individual right's and freedom and also foreign policies. But with that being said i think he's wrong when it comes to "bringing down the fed"
Our fiat money is failing, and the Federal Reserve is printing away like its a sport, which ultimately increases inflation, and as soon as the US Dollar loses its spot as the World's Reserve then hyperinflation may occur. Also if we stay with fiat money at its current state then we will in the end have to pay more to get less, a sort of "Inflation tax"... Most of us haven't received a pay raise in over 2-3 years and yet inflation i still rising it affects all of us doesn't matter what class your in. I think the gold standard is a good idea. Our GDP slowly rises, Inflation rises Faster, our debt rises faster, and Americans become poorer. Thats the reality we live in now. Over 15 Trillion in debt.
there is no american $$ its is a lie. the fed res is evil and they all need shot and tried for war crimes
if you do the numbers america is worse off than greece.... think on that.
Why do you believe a gold standard would destroy the American economy?

Why do you believe the Tea Party is evil?

Why do you believe in guilt by association?

Sorry if this comes off as an standoffish, but I just want to make sure you really believe what you claim and aren't just parroting what others have told you.
I agree with the inflation most american's haven't had a raise in a few years, and inflation keeps rising. But the value of gold now is worth $1640.83 USD per ounce. Do you really think most Americans will be able to have more than a few ounces. Imagine the millions of American's that make less that $1600 a month. The penny would be worth $16 if each one dollar bill would be redeemable to one ounce of Gold. I pertty sure The prices of everything would sky-rocket
+Cory Schmunsler i explained why i think the gold standard is wrong in my post above^. I think the Tea party is evil because they think we should pay a flat tax. I believe That i should pay a higher percent than a person with less income than me and a person with a higher income should pay a higher tax rate than me. If you look at the Tea party and what taxes they supported, and which they didn't. They were Tax-breaks for the wealthy Americans and corporations, not for middle and lower class families or even for small business.
And for your last comment i do not believe in guilt by association, but if you are in a political party you are consciously making a decision to support the party with all of their policies, if you don't then you wouldn't be in the party
So basically you would rather have an economy driven by a worthless piece of paper. That is exactly what we have now. The intrisic value of the dollar is worth as much as the paper it is printed on which is basically worth nothing.
Second, how did this country survive for 190 plus years while the dollar was backed by gold?
Third, inflation is not caused by the gold standard. Inflation is caused by the same principle that drives down the price of commodities. The more items there are to purchase the less value it is. The less items there are to purchase the more value it has. By taking us off of this current fiat system we have Ron Paul would be increaseing the value of the dollar by not allowing more to be put into production. The gold standard would allow only the amount of gold the US could back the dollar with. For example if the US had only 20 dollars of gold at the time then they will have only 20 dollars in circulation. This will increase the value of the dollar on the world stage. This will stop the cyclic inflation by stopping presidents from having the feds print money at will. The more dollars in circulation the less value it will be causeing us to have to spend more dollars.
Third by calling him the God Father of the Tea Party is insulting him and calling him ANCIENT. He is not over two hundred thirty five years old. The God Fathers of the Tea Party are the Founders of this Country, specifically Thomas Jefferson.
This country survived for over 190 plus years on the Gold Standard. We have only been off the Gold Standard for 35 plus years. We will survive just fine on the Gold Standard again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm an independent Libertarian ^.^, also going to the gold. Sure of course the transitionwill be tough, since we've been using Fiat money here in the US for almost 100 years, some are suggesting a 35$/per ounce initiative(idk about all that. lol), but think about it, why did we switch in the first place, we were doing perfectly fine prior to 1913, also we saw failed attempts at making Fiat money our main supply about 2 times in the US's history.. Look back at history, maybe to begin with powerful people pushed a flawed system upon us without understanding what it does to economies.
The USD is backed up by gold. But the only difference now is that they can increase and decrease the value of the dollar to help the economy. And if your going to ask what is wrong with the economy before 1913, THERE WASN'T A MIDDLE CLASS.
+Hari Saravanah Sivakumar: While I think your idea of what a gold standard means might be a little off, after further research I've found that it's actually irrelevant to the conversation of Ron Paul. According to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_paul#Political_positions):

"he does not endorse a "return" to a gold standard – as the U.S. government has established during the past – but instead prefers to eliminate legal tender laws and to remove the sales tax on gold and silver, so that the market may freely decide what type of monetary standard(s) there shall be."

The issue of Fair Tax vs. Flat Tax seems to be something under debate by the Tea Party, but Paul himself wants to do away with the income tax completely by reducing government spending.

And Ron Paul is not a member of the Tea Party, only its "intellectual godfather." The party was started on some of his ideas, but it's also changed a lot since then. You could argue that by running as a Republican he's endorsing current Republican views, but he has said himself that he refuses to endorse any other Republican candidate because none of them represent his position. The man values principles over associations.
+Cory Schmunsler that was useful information, but one of the departments he want's to cut is the education department. Which in my opinion is one of the few good reason's that I think paying tax isn't all that bad
He also want's to reduce the corporate tax rate from %35 to %15 which seams like a huge waste of money to me
Well there is no doubt that our education system is failing. and as for corporate tax, well you lower taxes then it builds innovation, expansion, and competition. hence meaning cheaper prices for us consumers, and more jobs available. so the money will fix itself. thats why we give tax breaks/incentives. though nothing massive like a permanent fixed rate for administrations to come.
I think that money could be used else where such as tax breaks for small-businesses and funding NASA and other scientific and innovative processes
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