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The one end of the world scenario we can be pretty sure is going to take place is when the Earth becomes uninhabitable due to the sun swelling up as a Red Giant. This will happen in a few billion years. So we need to get a move on perfecting SL, 'cuz it is not as if we have all the time in the world.
I often have epiphanies that fall on December 22nd, but usually they go to the tune of "Christ, how old am I know?  And what am I doing with my life?"

I think you make an interesting point, about maybe the reason so many people are hoping for the world to end is that it's easier than facing the consequences of our own actions.  I think another-but lesser- possible reason may be the "told you so".  See?  I told you my God would end society on this date.  My God's the right one!  Woo hoo! and so on.
I rather hope the world doesn't end on the 22nd. Peter Jackson went to all that work.
I printed and shared this with my students last week.  It stopped the daily discussion questions if we were going to die.  Thank you for compiling this debunking anthology of EOW theories.
Glad to have been of some help :) While I find it a bit hard to imagine that people could seriously believe some of the notions running around, clearly some people actually do - at least halfway.
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