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Applying the first RU (Release Update) for Oracle Database on Docker environment
There is great post on  Applying the first RU for Oracle Database written by my friend Mike. But this post is about on how to apply this important patch on Docker environment using official Oracle Docker images. First, some time DBAs have fear on a...

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Using DataPump on Oracle/Docker environment
Image: oracletechnocampus blog Continuing with my previous post about Doing full hot backups with RMan now is time for Data Pump. The example is how to backup a full schema from a RDBMS running as Docker container, let see, a DB started using: $ docker run ...

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Building my own Container Cloud Services on top of Oracle Cloud IaaS
Two weeks ago I presented in the ArOUG Cloud Day at Buenos Aires an introduction to Oracle Container Cloud Services ( OCCS ) and Oracle IaaS Compute management using console and API. For this presentation I showed how to implement your Container Cloud Servi...

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Doing RDBMS hot full backup using RMan when running on Docker
I think many databases are going in production now using Docker environment, specially with the official support provides by Oracle when allows pulling Docker images from official Docker store. If you are using a custom build image using Oracle's official s...

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Managing Oracle Cloud IaaS - The API way
My last post shows how to deploy, for example, a Docker Swarm cluste r at Oracle Cloud IaaS services. This time I'll show you how to do the same without using the Web interface, I am an old fashioned sysadmin and I loves scripting and console tools ;) The i...

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Scaling up/down Oracle Cloud Swarm services
Following with last post about how to deploy an Elastic Search (ES) cluster at Oracle Cloud facilities this post will play with scaling up and down a Swarm service. We have an ES cluster deployed including a master node, four data nodes and one ingest node:...

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Deploying an ElasticSearch cluster at Oracle Cloud
Continuing with my previous post about how to deploy a Docker Swarm Cluster at Oracle Cloud the idea now is how to deploy as example an Elastic Search cluster with these characteristics: One node working as master Two node working as data nodes One node wor...

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Docker swarm at Oracle Cloud
As I mentioned in a previous post the Oracle Container Service seem to be little for my cloud expectativa. But the Cloud Compute service is enough to implement my Docker Swarm implementation. Why Docker Swarm ? Is standard and supported by other cloud provi...

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Elasticsearch 5.x Cookbook - Third Edition
Elasticsearch 5.x Cookbook - Third Edition is just published, here the link at Amazon . Again Packt Publishing trust in me as technical reviewer, is great for me be part of technical reviewer staff because it push me to read careful all the content, test th...

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First touch with Oracle Container Cloud Service
Some weeks ago Oracle releases  Oracle Container Cloud Service , Oracle's support for Docker containers. It basically provides several Linux machines to run Docker containers, one of them is designated as controller of the cluster services, here a simple sc...
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