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Keri Jaehnig

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Do you know the one simple trick?

(via +Robert Caruso
1 Simple Trick that Can Increase your Blog Post's Social Reach Tenfold  by @charlotte_tone

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Great post. I did know about this but don't often implement it myself. Something I need to do for each blog post methinks!
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Keri Jaehnig

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Real words via +Robert Caruso & his friend Dave.  I already think +Bundle Post  is awesome -- I'll update you tomorrow on my findings of their new feature.  For now:
Heck, don't listen to me... Here's what +Dave said today.
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Can't wait to try the new toys...
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Keri Jaehnig

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Hmmm...  Who knew - 40 years since the 1st cell phone?  Thanks, +Sarah Garrison & +Peg Fitzpatrick  for clueing me in!!

#HappyBirthday #mobilephones #HolyKaw  
Happy Birthday cell phones!

Today is the 40th Birthday of the cell phone.

 "On April 3rd 1973, Martin Cooper made the first mobile call on the nine-inch (and 28-ounce) Motorola DynaTAC. Dialing up a rival at AT&T, he apparently said that he was ringing "to see if my call sounds good at your end."

Can you imagine life without your cellphone?

Full article at Engadget

Photo credit  Jamiesrabbits
#HolyKaw #HappyBirthday   #mobilephones  
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happy birthday cell phones..
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Keri Jaehnig

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Easter for the tech and mathematically inclined:
Happy Easter! In the spirit of the holiday, here's a big list of Google "easter eggs."
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Keri Jaehnig

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Good stuff from my friend +Kittie Walker  via another friend +Ray Hiltz!

Readying Business for Growth – Recipes for Your Business Processes
+Kittie Walker gives us a couple great recipes, complete with directions, for optimizing our client management and blogging systems.
Read the full article here

A Recipe for Your Proposal Process
     Have a standard file system that contains blank documents so that you can just copy and paste it over for each new client.
  Have a process for preparing a proposal for a new enquiry

A Recipe for Your Blogging Process
    Set folders up in the cloud for: 
    Ideas - Outlines - Drafts - Final Edits - Publish

  Use a Blogging framework
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Keri Jaehnig

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A morning voice greeting for.....YOU!  :D
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Keri Jaehnig

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Hello Real Estate Agents - Are you feeling happy?  :)
Having a job as a real estate agent “will bring a smile to your face,” says a recent study by Career Bliss. Click 'LIKE' if you agree! (we know we do!)

Real Estate Agent Ranked 'Happiest' Job:

#realestateagent   #realestate   #careertips   #happiness  
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Funny! Sometimes it depends who writes it...?
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Keri Jaehnig

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A little political humor via +Business Insider with President Bill Clinton & Steve Colbert -- The quick video make me giggle...

#cgiu #politics #humor #PrezBillyJeff  
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Keri Jaehnig

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Our monthly pow-wow!  Grab your favorite beverage -- We'll do 2 things:

1) Let's get to know @112502313414364323385 better!  He'll answer 4 questions:

* How did you get where you are today?
* What are you doing now?
* Where are you going in your business?
* How ca your tribe mates help you?

2) Chocolate bunnies or pastel Peeps?  Tell us your fave!

A few have mentioned the desire for an alternate or additional time -- Want to discuss?  I'll let YOU bring that up.  :D

Need a time zone converter?
#socialMM Tribe - April Hangout
Mon, April 8, 2013, 12:30 PM

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Keri Jaehnig

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May this day be spent with those you hold dear & the beginning of wonderful things new. Happy Easter!!  ♥
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Happy Easter +Keri Jaehnig :)
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Keri Jaehnig

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Via +Daniel Hebert - A little giggle before we get all "Eastery-serious":

#hashtagfly   #retweet  
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I laughed so hard the first time I saw this +Dianna Smith! :P
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Keri Jaehnig

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