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This is beyond Repub or Dem. This is worth a few minutes of your time. If after watching it, you're not alarmed, then by all means go back to sleep.
America's 'Dummies,' Wake Up!
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1:22 into it he stars spitting the point out [for those wondering and about to watch]
The USA Government repealed this spontaneous detention of American Citizens. This video was either made months ago, or the guy hasn't seen that yet.
not repeal - he like - patched it / over-wrote it for a select group (citizens)?
if you can be detained on a suspicion and held indefinitely without trial (which is exactly what the law allows), I wouldn't be too sanguine about any gentlemanly, utterly non-binding promises that are made to 'only use it for good'
They will do what they feel like anyway. Have you yet to figure out that what the citizens say has little effect on their fail? My job is not to babysit a government that works for me. Period. :)
It shouldn't have to be anyone elses job to babysit the USA government either. That's my stance on it. I liken it to something absurd.
Nothing is indefinite. And Infinity is only God and God is infinity. Don't let them make you think they are God. Because they are not. And any who says they are is a wakko.
holy crap by their own definition they are wakko on this, arent they, +rudiger bonobo ???? :D From what the truth I told you above? Their use of "indefinite" =~ crazy. Like, committed type crazy. The people who wrote it up should be committed?
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