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mark wolter
Just a normal guy who has been totally captured by the glorious goodness of God in Christ.
Just a normal guy who has been totally captured by the glorious goodness of God in Christ.

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Happy Reformation Day!
What is Reformation Day? It is the day the light of the gospel broke
forth out of darkness. It was the day that began the Protestant
Reformation. It was a day that led to Martin Luther, John Calvin, John
Knox, and may other Reformers helping the church f...

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Twelve Ordinary Men
(My message from today at church) Let’s begin by reading our text today from Luke 6:12-15. 12 In these days he went out to the mountain to pray, and all night he continued in prayer to God. 13 And when day came, he called his disciples and chose from them t...

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What's Wrong with Western Missionaries
Great article to think over and pray over here.

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2 Timothy 2:2 Vision
Here is a video I shared this summer with many people. It is great to see how God is raising up and sending out leaders who are equipped to change Japan and the world for Christ!

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The Great Commission or the Great Suggestion?
by Dr. Daniel Wallace "There’s a myth foisted on the Christian public about the meaning of
the Great Commission (Matt 28.19-20). It goes something like this: “In
the Greek, the word translated ‘Go’ is really a participle and it
literally means, ‘as you a...

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My message from last Sunday

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Humbling Man to See God
(My message from this Sunday over Luke 3:1-14) True
to form, Luke opens chapter 3 with more close attention to historical
detail and accuracy. Luke wants his readers to see that the
truth about Jesus is verifiable and utterly consistent. Though
the names li...

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