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History Tidbit: "Mad" Jack Chruchill and Dr. Leonid Rogozov
Today's Tidbit is about two relatively bad ass guys you probably haven't heard of, but you should. (he is probably the guy on the far right, the guy with the sword) Jack Chruchill was one of the more bad-ass people in WW2 being an officer, he led his comman...

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History Tidbit - Hitlers Rail Guns Gustav and Dora
Schwerer Gustav (Big ass gun) The Schwerer Gustav was developed in the 1930s for the sole purpose of crushing Forts to the ground. It weighed somewhere in the area of 1350 tons (like 675 elephants) and was over 155 ft long (over half a football field) it is...

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Thing of the Month: Fountain Pen
The Fountain Pen (Pictured, Pilot Metropolitan) This months "thing" is the fountain pen, for many the fountain pen is some what of a status symbol while for others who have never wrote with one know little or nothing about them.  Well lets start with a brie...
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