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Senior Sitecore Developer

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How To Use Sitecore XTM Connector For Language Translation?
Do you have multilingual site? Are you looking for a solution to translate your content into multiple languages say for example 10-15 languages? My client has the same situation, we have a website in 16 languages and majority of pages needs to be translated...

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Tip # 7 : Sitecore Tip Of The Day!
How Should You Configure Sitecore MongoDB Connection Strings? Brijesh Patel has posted a tip which a Sitecore developer must not skip or take for granted. His tip says that - Mongo Database is now an integral part of Sitecore Experience Platform. Sitecore i...

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Tip # 6 : Sitecore Tip of The Day!
Every Developer Should Use "Sitecore Developer Tool" Chrome Extension! Sumith Parambat Damodaran from Sitecore would like to share a tip that every sitecore developer / user / marketer should have and use "Sitecore Developer Tool" chrome extension. If you h...

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Tip # 5 : Sitecore Tip of The Day!
Use Performance.config File for Better Performance in Sitecore Many developers are unaware with this amazing tip shared by Brijesh Patel with Sitecore Tip of The Day! The tough time for Sitecore developer is when you are debugging your code and it takes som...

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Tip # 4 : Sitecore Tip of The Day!
Use Sitecore's TransferUserPasswords.aspx After Installing Sitecore User Package Don't think about database level operations if you want to transfer Sitecore users from one instance to another user. Instead use Sitecore's out of the box package feature to p...

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Tip # 3 : Sitecore Tip of The Day!
Use Sitecore Analytics Testing Tool For Geo-IP Testing! I am using Sitecore Analyitics Testing Tool  chrome extension for IP/Location based testing for my Sitecore websites. Derek Hunziker has created this cool extension having other Sitecore analytics test...

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Tip # 2 : Sitecore Tip of The Day
Let Sitecore Validate Item Name! Many times we forget to use the cool ItemUtil API of Sitecore and write our own code do some tasks. One of such tasks is validating Sitecore item name while creating item on the fly (programmatically). Sitecore's ItemUtil cl...

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Sitecore Tip of The Day!
Friends, I hope you must be exploring at least one new thing about Sitecore in everyday of your Sitecore journey. This new thing could be anything which is existing since ages but you didn't get a chance to try or explore it. In this new year 2017, Sitecore...

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A Flashback of Sitecore Journey in 2016 !
Friends, first of all wish you a very Happy New Year! Let's welcome 2017 year with some new resolutions... and let's look back at Sitecore Journey of 2016. Year 2016 was really fruitful for Sitecore Journey. I had achieved many mile-stones during this year ...

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Facing Required meta tag missing (twitter:text:description) Error in your Blogger?
Are you facing issue in setting up Twitter Card for your blog hosted on Blogger? If yes, then this blog post may help you on this. You will find below code snippet everywhere to setup Twitter Card for your blog. Add below code snippet before </head> tag in ...
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