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Shafina Mahesh
Built My walls up high
Built My walls up high


So I am back to writing! After about a year off, I'm back. I miss it so much. I guess now its going to be interesting now because there are going to be new elements in my blog now! :) GLAD TO BE BACK!! CHECK MY NEW POST GUYS! :)

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Marina Barrage
Marina Barrage Back at it again with the team mates It has been about a few months since we got together to chill and catch up. We all have gone our separate ways because of Tietary education, well except Fitri and Dian because they are still in the same sc...

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Hello There !
Hello there my friends, its been a long time since I have written. And by a long time i mean really long time. I apologise for that because I needed to settle down. With holidays kicking in, no school for 6 months and deciding for my future school can be re...

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Its my first video edit so I hope you like it! :)

There has been so much things happening throughout to 2 months that I have yet to post but I'll start posting this coming week and it would be a triple post just at different timings! I'm really sorry about not posting but a lot has happen and I really hope you would understand! So watch out for my next post coming this week :)

Love, Shoutout2life xx

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A great night with my girls last night and we are totally getting into the Christmas spirit! Missing out +Nur Khalisah Rahiman​ we'll have a full squad next time
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halloween night at USS was not bad but last yea's one was better hands down but company was great ;) 
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2 more weeks till i am free as a bird!!!! #olevel2015   #free  

Hello guys! i was wondering what topics should i write about my next post!! i really hope you guys can help me by giving me suggestions!! xx 
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