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Early South Carolina Search trends

With the South Carolina primary days away, all eyes are on the Palmetto State. Rick Santorum saw a rise in the state's search traffic after his near-tie in Iowa (, but has his position changed after +Mitt Romney 's win in New Hampshire?

After pulling the latest in-state search data from Google Insights for Search (, traffic is tightening across the candidates. Post-Iowa, [santorum] surged over the field. Now, the searches between Romney, Santorum, and Ron Paul form a close cluster, with Paul holding a narrow lead over [santorum] and [romney]. The trends also indicate a slight rise in search for [gingrich].

What do you think of these early trends? We'll be watching search traffic closely as the candidates hold rallies, debates, and launch ads around the state.

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Are you planning to travel for Thanksgiving?

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Marla Cilley, the Fly Lady, shares her tips for organizing your life and eliminating CHAOS - "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome".
#CHAOS ... looks that is contender for a trending top on Twitter! Do you have any tips on how you plan to stay organized during the holidays?

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