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Sonalysts Combat Simulations (SCS)
Computer Games Combat Simulations Arcade Strategy
Computer Games Combat Simulations Arcade Strategy

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We are pleased to announce the releaseof Sonalysts’ newest commercial game title, “NEAR Impact”  (  Unlike our previous combat simulations , 688I, Fleet Command, Sub Command, and Dangerous Waters, which were in the “Real Time Strategy” (RTS) genre, NEAR Impact is an Arcade genre, 3D shooter/tower defense hybrid that takes the player to a future where a wave of asteroids flung by an unknown alien menace has plunged the Earth into an impact winter.  Highlighting female drone robot "Zoe" and a male drone robot "Vic,"  the player can jump back and forth between two game views:
·         TAC View, where the player wields the drone robot’s weapon systems to deflect and destroy the incoming asteroids; and
·         GEO View, where the player produces and manages both defensive units and upgrades for the drone robot’s systems, as well as manipulates the drone robot’s orbit.
The game requires careful aim and adaptation as the player controls a drone robot (Vic or Zoe) that is in constant motion orbiting Earth.  In addition, NEAR Impact requires resource management, as destroying each asteroid will earn the player in-game currency that can be used to commission the construction of drone robot system upgrades and surface-based defensive units.  The player will also need strategic prowess in deploying defensive units on the planet’s surface, as the robot can’t be everywhere at once.
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