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Gregory S Johnson

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Can I modify my divorce judgment?

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What should I do in a child custody dispute?

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Relocating with the kids after divorce

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Fight to keep your parental rights

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Under what conditions can Louisiana grandparents seek custody?

Exciting news! My practice continues to grow and I"m adding an additional person to help service the clients better!!! Emma will be starting in the next week or so and will be her about 1/2 of the week to increase returned calls, reduce wait times... get the clients the information they need even faster!

I'm glad to welcome her on board.

Thank you all for your continued support and trust as we continue to push your matters forward!

Hey all! Back in the office for most of this week! Just finished a bunch of trials, etc.

Looking forward to getting everything moving forward again!!

Hope all is well with you, but if its not, let Stacey know that you need to get on my calendar!

Hey all! I'm leaving town tomorrow morning. I will be back Monday morning in court. I've gotten to as many pending matters as I can. Please call Stacey and schedule a follow up for next week if you need anything!

I'm looking forward to the chance to help each of you when I return.

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How can I protect heirlooms in a divorce?

So, my phones are out AGAIN. They finally replaced the modem - doesn't seem to have fixed the problem.

Anyone needing me PLEASE email me or my assistant Stacey.

Any recommendations for a good phone company in Baton Rouge? This shouldn't be that hard.....
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