Prompted by a post by +Kevin Weiser*, here is a partial list of terminology from Misspent Youth that changed thanks to a brutal (but incredibly helpful) discussion with +luke crane and +Jared Sorensen. I had had a bunch of terms that in one (or both) of their words, "could appear in any generic 'story game.'"

That talk kicked my ass and, as a result, I think the game has some of the most evocative terminology out there. Game design is such an associative thing that changing your language changes the game directly, and in innumerable knock-on ways. I never was able to find a natural replacement for "scene," though. 

Thanks for the asskicking, guys.

The format is newterm | oldterm

Beats | Plot points
Convictions | Traits
Disorder | Glitch
Dust Settles | Denouement
Dystopia | World (creation)
Episode | Session
Exploit | Motif
Fighting Back | First Plot Point
Heating Up | Rising Action
Hope | Stakes
Kickoff | Inciting incident
Looks | Description
M.O. | Schtick
Objective | Stakes
Opportunity | Mistreatment**
What's Up? | Exposition
We Won | First Culmination
We're Fucked! | Midpoint
Who Wins? | Climax
Struggle | Conflict

** Mistreatment was a shitty, passive Trait about how you were victimized and it was torture for people to figure out how that helped them. Opportunity, on the other hand, tells what it is about you that has kept you free of The Authority's clutches.
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