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Share YouTube Videos - Right from inside Gmail - COOL!

OK, I try to keep up with all things that deal with GooTube+ (Google, YouTube and Google+) but some things slip by me at times! Here is one of them.

You probably know by now that you can watch a YouTube Video right inside Gmail if someone emails you and there is a YouTube URL in the message. No trip to YouTube required to watch...

Well as of a 'couple of weeks ago' Gmail Stuck in a New Share Option for the video viewed inside Gmail. Just above it, next to the 'Hide' link is a sneaky little link called Share.

Click on it and you get to see the familiar Google+ Share entry dialog with the YouTube video already added to the mix!

Wow, when +Vic Gundotra said he wanted Google+ to be a place that Unites all Google Products, I guess he really meant it. It is getting easier and easier to move/share stuff from place to place in all things Google!

For me this is New... so I'm tagging it with a #newongoogleplus hashtag! Enjoy!

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