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Optimized Video Can Drive Motivated Traffic to Your Site
Optimized Video Can Drive Motivated Traffic to Your Site

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YouTube Viewers REJOICE... Now you can see G+ Comments Inside YouTube!

(from +Ronnie Bincer)...
There is a great tool for finding comments while inside a Hangout on Air (HOA) called +Hangout Comment Tracker ... it is integrated inside the +Hangout Toolbox as well as has a stand alone version (you should be using it to help pull in comments form all over the place into one place, esp. during your live show).

NOW... we have another tool built by the same guy, +Gerwin Sturm. What it does is bring GooTubePlus closer to reality for all of us... It lets you see Google Plus Comments on a YouTube Video that has been shared in G+ While viewing the same video inside YouTube.

Said another way: We can now see a YouTube Video's Comments from BOTH YouTube & Google Plus while on YouTube.

Go grab the extension: add it to Chrome and the next time you are viewing a Video on YouTube, look for the "Social Stream" section on the right side, that is where you see Google+'s comment activity on that same video (no matter how many times it was re-shared or commented upon inside G+).
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SocialTube or Bringing Comment Tracker to YouTube

One of my main goals with +Hangout Comment Tracker from the beginning was to give people the freedom to use the tracking functionality where-ever and when-ever they want. After having built the Hangout extension I realized that many people will be watching HOA outside and might want to follow the conversation as well. That's why I created the Standalone Tracker quite a while ago.

Many people are watching HOAs inside of YouTube, especially since it allows easy live-commenting. And they would have to switch between the Standalone Tracker and the YouTube stream to follow the full conversation.

So today I'm happy to announce a chrome extension which brings some of the Comment Tracker functionality directly into YouTube. The extension will try to find Google+ posts that are related to the video you are watching (no matter if live or recorded) and display the posts together with the comments directly on YouTube.

For now you have to refresh the stream manually by clicking the button, which will search for new posts as well as update the comments on all the posts already found. I will probably enabled automatic refreshing for Live stream at some point, but want to monitor the traffic/API usage for a while before enabling this feature.

Related posts are found by using the VideoID in a search request. Since the Google+ Search API isn't all that reliable sometimes it might not find all important posts. Sometimes refreshing the stream will find some more relevant posts.

I want to thank +Ronnie Bincer for giving me the idea to do this and for being an early tester with lots of invaluable feedback. While there are still lots of improvements possible for the extension, it has reached a stage for me, where I would miss it while using YouTube, so I'm putting it out into the public now, but be aware that it might not work perfectly at all times. Also consider this as an early Christmas present from me to all of you :)

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New Look for the Rendering HOA video... just before it is ready
HOA Tips

When you finish your Hangout on Air (HOA) if you go to your YouTube channel to start optimizing your video (which you should be doing BTW) you will see a new look for what that video looks like before it is 'fully baked' or Rendered.

Here she be...
Do you optimize your HOA videos so they get found?
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Open up the post to get tho the Clickable Links...
YouTube Team Talks about the New Look for YouTube... Dec. 13, 2012

Hey Look! YouTube is using Hangouts on Air to talk about the new changes they made for the YouTube site. Very Cool...
Scroll down for some click-able highlights.

The new look and function of the site was pushed out on 12/6/2012.
+Denis Labelle pointed out to me that this HOA was here, so I thank him for giving me, his YouTube Go-To Guy on Google+, the head's up... I've been very busy lately so I would have missed this otherwise, Thanks Denis!

This HOA video address a lot of the questions that YouTube has been getting from you, the viewer about the new site update & changes.

There have been various posts I have been sharing lately about the new +YouTube changes, don't forget to check out the shorter 12 minute overview offered to us by +ReelSEO that speaks mainly to you as a video publisher and how to get around the new look and feel of the YouTube site:

Check out some of the key points below by clicking on the time codes:
 4:36 - Focus on Watch Time
 5:38 - Focused on "Channelizing" YouTube now
 6:50 - Intro to "The Guide"
 7:51 - The 2 main Homepage feeds: 'What to Watch' & 'My Subscriptions'
10:18 - Upcoming Adj. for power users and their Subscriptions
11:35 - Changes re. 'other videos from this user' now: 'Channelized'
14:08 - "I liked the old 'Module' design"... how the new "Guide" relates
15:35 - How YouTube measures and decides on what gets changed
18:15 - Title & Sub. box on the Bottom now, Video & Guide on the top, Why?
(This was the most interesting part to me)

20:44 - Why Isn't the Layout Centered... hints on what is coming up
22:01 - "Use Old Embed Code" went away, it is coming back!
23:18 - "Adv. Search is messed up", It will be improved and reinstated
24:15 - Multiple Clicks to get to my Inbox, why?
25:03 - What happened to the "Browse" button?
26:59 - What is Next? Various points about what will be coming soon.

Remember: Dec. 17th 7pm - 10pm PST the YouTube site will undergo maintenance again.

I like the new updates (mostly) but still can not understand if there is so much focus on our Channels now (appropriately so) Why, oh why can we still not add comments to the featured video that we are watching when we are on the channel page?

FYI, most of my posts on YouTube can be found via the hashtag: #youtubetips
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Don't do your HOA between 7 and 10 PM PST Dec. 17 (Monday)
YouTube maintenance Monday, December 17 from 7-10pm PST.

During this time, you may not be able to initiate or end an HOA broadcast. Commenting, subscribing, or uploading videos may also be impacted. Additionally, any HOA video recordings may take longer than usual to process and become available.

Please plan your HOA schedule around this time period. 

Thanks for your understanding!

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Ultra Low Bandwidth Hangouts - for Very Slow Internet connections

Looks like we just got another new thing to play with for our hangouts!
Not just a new toy, but Very Important for much of the World with slower speed Internet! They now get to participate in the Hangout Revolution and not worry about the lack of high-speed Internet.

You go to your Hangout Settings gear once inside a hangout and choose the setting called Ultra Low Bandwidth (Experimental) for the Connection Speed, it then changes your video so that what you display to the other members in the hangout is like the 2 min. video test below.

If you have very slow Internet, my guess is that it will choose this setting for you. Details on all this will come out soon I hope!

Looks a bit like the view the Terminator Character saw (movie reference) ... basic black & white outlines but the motion is clearly seen and understood.
How Cool is That?

Check the video's description text for more details on the other setting (Low Speed) What do you think?

Would you rather just see a still shot, or is the motion helpful?
I think the added motion can be helpful to see if the person is engaged in the conversation or perhaps not even looking... Your Thoughts?
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To be 'Fair & Balanced' we thought we would share a valid viewpoint...

Normally we push the concept of utilizing YouTube (the video site with the most traffic) to host your videos... Many times this is called using a Posted model.

But we want you to know that there is 'the other side' which has some valid ponts as well which is usually referred to as using a Hosted model.

This article focuses on Hosted...
Video Thumbnails on SERPs...

In the quest of the holy grail of Video SEO ... we all desire to have our Video's Thumbnail image show up at the top of page 1 of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

+Jeff McRitchie wites up a great post on this topic on the +SEOmoz website (linked below).

The age old battle rages on between Hosting vs. Posting your videos... do you Put it up on YouTube (Posted) or find a way to Host your own?

This post clearly lands on the Hosted side of the equation. Good food for thought if you mainly Post to YouTube, as you know that when you do that, if you end up with a video thumbnail in the SERPs, that the link will take users to YouTube and not directly to your website.

Check out this helpful post to get a good dose of why you may want to consider Hosting Your Own videos. (And some helpful tips on How to do it)
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Video Analytics just got WAY BETTER... using YouTube Annotations Analytics
YouTube Annotations Analytics... (NEW on YouTube)

Now you can measure the Effectiveness of your Video's Annotations. This Overview Video shows you how.

Using the new YouTube Analytics options called 'Annotations' - we can see which of our YouTube Annotations are getting clicked on, and which are being ignored (or even 'closed').

YouTube Annotations can be used as simple Labels or Titles, but they can also be used as click-able links to get your viewers to perform certain actions... like viewing another video, Subscribing to your channel, jumping to a portion of a video, etc. Now you can measure the effectiveness of those Annotations inside YouTube. Watch the Video to see How. (7 min. long)

Do you use Annotations that are click-able in your videos?
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Updated Hangout YouTube App Overview...
Video Gets Even More Social

The YouTube Interface inside Google Plus Hangouts just got an update... this overview helps you see what happened and how to use it.

In the process of pulling this together we ran into a few "issues"! We thought about re-doing the video [again] but decided to keep the problems we had visible because we Know that you will encounter the same problems... and decided to let you learn from out mistakes!

The video is 8:48 long, and covers most of the stuff you will need to know. We think we will record a follow up session that goes into more details re. some of the limitations of what videos can be added into the YouTube Hangout interface.

Let us know what you think of this video and what questions you have... we may work them into the next video we do covering the Updated Hangout YouTube App.

Watch the video here on Google+, or jump over to YouTube. Please +1 it (or thumbs up), and Share with those that want to learn about the changes.
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The YouTube Channel Layout Choices have changed...

You may think that the layout choices for your YouTube channel have disappeared, but no, they just got moved around a bit! watch the 3 min. video below for the details.

If you are using Google+ to do Hangouts On Air, then you'll want to choose the relatively new layout called Live Broadcaster as your layout of choice.

YouTube / Channel Settings / Tabs - then click on the Featured option on the left side.
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