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thoughts on getting more moderators for this forum so messages can get approved?

for some reason this post (, even though I posted it to a public group is not showing up. I have had this happen a few times. I am just starting to get back into g+ so I am not sure if I am doing everything correctly.

community referred to is here:

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I wanted a randomizer for cyphers for my phone for game time. So I made one with MIT's App Inventor (its a beta thing).

This is Android only. And it requires you have a file explorer (newer versions/es file explorer)

After you install it you can import a .csv file in the format (Name,Description,Level,Power,Type). Make sure to keep the headers.

Try it out. Not sure if I will support this thing more than this. I can create my Inventor file if people want to expand it later.

- es file explorer (

It looks like it auto adds users in my circles to my google contacts.. that is upsetting.

Can I cross post EVERYTHING in FB to Google? It would make things easier.
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