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42. 23 ist auch ok
42. 23 ist auch ok

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die neue Cyberwaffe der Bundeswehr. Da kriegt jeder Hacker sofort eine weiche Birne...
Weihnachten bei Hoppenstedts.

Äh, nein, cyber bei der Bundeswehr.
Lautsprecher an und mitmarschieren!

Der Marsch ist geprägt von einem kraftvollen Rhythmus im 6/8-Takt, einer schwungvollen Melodik und einer progressiven Harmonik. So symbolisiert der Charakter des Marsches die Kreativität, die Aufbruchstimmung und den visionären Tatendrang des neuen Kommandos Cyber- und Informationsraum.

//via +Christoph Puppe

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Ich glaub, ich muss mal nach Papenburg...

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Erfolgsstory ...
Google+ Engagement Analysis - April 2017

We have reshared yesterday a post by +Gideon Rosenblatt and the following discussion was great (!
So many familiar faces and so many opinions about the last years of Google+. And Gideon had to write a new post because of the 500-comments-limit.

+Ondřej Pokorný brought up the idea to check some numbers.
If you know CircleCount, you know that you don't need to ask us twice.

We have analyzed more than 500,000 public posts of 120 profiles and got the attached chart with the following metrics: plusones (yellow), reshares (red), comments (blue) per post.

The 120 profiles are the first 120 who have commented on Gideon's post. That's probably not a representative subset, but these are persons who are active on Google+. At least they have written one comment in the last 24 hours ;)

It's quite interesting to see the ups and downs compared to the different events happened on Google+ in the last years.

You can find the analysis of the posts of our page in the first comment here.
That was generated with the Dashboard PRO ( and is even more interesting because we can see how everything changed when the new Google+ UI was launched (in beta). Maybe we are doing something wrong but the analysis of the 120 profiles is showing a similar trend besides an increase last summer.

We are happy that +Carter Gibson and +Leo Deegan have joined the discussion on Gideon's post and saw the passion of many Google+ users.
That passion is why we love Google+!
A bit more love for the 3rd party developers or the issue tracker would be great though ;)

All other infographics: 

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Beim neuen Rüsseltier bin ich derweil mal unter:

zu erreichen.

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node.js implements stat(2) by representing inode numbers as floats. That leads to errors.

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Via +Martin Vogel​

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